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This list of updates may change before release, this is just a provisory list.
Visibility to changes are subject to having the relevant Roles & Permissions.

Here is what is planned in the coming release

A Brief List of some of the Expected Enhancement/Updates

MAT Vision

  • It will be possible for the Assessment Templates that are distributed from MAT Vision to be locked so that no changes to date entries or formulas can be made and you can prevent schools from editing the distributed templates.
  • You will be able to add columns to the student list pages so that you can view the mobile & email numbers and perform filtering at greater depth to send email or SMS and use the data for census.
  • It will be possible to select the next or previous student from the right side panel so that you can see their details without having to close the panel and open it again for the next student.
  • MAT Vision users with Central Management responsibilities will be able to distribute Attendance Codes, including subcodes, to all connected MIS, so that you can have a consistent Attendance Policy across the Trust.

MAT Finance/Finance

  • MAT Finance users will be able to View Allocation whilst viewing an allocated MAT Finance document from the Manual Enquiry – Site screen so that they can easily see what has been allocated to that document.
  • All MAT Finance users (apart from Budget Holders) will be able to create and manage suppliers for use in the MAT Finance system
  • All MAT Finance users (apart from Budget Holders) will be able to see more information and do more in the Customer details screen so that they can manage customers better in the MAT Finance system.
  • Finance Admin Users will have the required access to amend the API settings so that specific settings can be applied.
  • Finance user of MAT Finance or School Finance will be able to add multiple other mappings to a base pay structure/spine point group/cost centre combination so that it will be possible to record additional payments that staff receive in addition to their main base payment.



  • School leaders will be able to let parents and students to see the fine assessment grades recorded by teachers so that they are better informed about how student attainment is arrived at.


  • It will be possible to add OCR functionality when uploading documentation to Student Records, Staff Records, My Profile (Documents tab) and My Documents.
  • It will be possible to search documents in My Documents.

HR and Performance Management

  • It will be possible to have different staff members on different payscales, so that you can ensure their pay info in the MIS and in Finance is accurate.
  • You will be able to create contract templates, so that you can have consistency of your contract documentation and don’t need to keep creating contracts from scratch.
  • It will be possible to generate contracts for employees from the Contract area of the Staff Record.
  • You will be able to define absence thresholds across multiple absence codes, so that you can dig into categories of absence as a whole. 
  • It will be possible to gather staff data into an SCR, so that you can fulfil your legal obligations of keeping accurate records of your staff members.


  • There will be Simplified MCAS Account Registration and Login Process on the MIS and the parent app.


  • There will be an option to do Web Merge and schedule the report on the View Reports page so that you can run web merge or schedule the quick report easily.
  • As a user who has the access to view Quick reports you will be able to add all the entities that could be linked to both Students domains for comprehensive cross-domain reporting.
  • Senior Leadership for both primary and secondary schools will be able to view a report that shows an overview for the Trust and schools across all the areas – students, their attendance, assessment – attainment & progress – so that they can see the whole school information with a click.