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Bromcom Basics for Primary Schools

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This is the first course a Primary should attend to learn Bromcom. You do not need to prepare anything for the session.

If you wish to follow along during the videos on your own system, please work with your system administrator to ensure you have the correct roles and permissions to access all the items covered. Bromcom has created ready-made roles which broadly match the roles in a school – for example an Office Manager role – but these may have been customised. Your system administrator will be able to help you identify which role and permissions you need.

About the instructor

Course Curriculum

System Navigation & User Tools
This topic explores the following areas: Dashboard, Settings, Overview, Collapsed/Expanded view, Toolbar Navigation, Blue Ribbon Menu, Modules/Reports/Configuration, My Account, Favourites, Global Search Tool, Notifications and System Messages.

  • Video: System Navigation and User Tools
  • Home Page Configuration
  • User Tools

Roles and Permissions
This topic explores the following areas, Adding/Editing Roles and Permissions, Third Party Permissions, Adding/Editing System Users and Allocating Roles.

  • Video: Roles and Permissions
  • Roles & Permissions

Admission Basics
This topic explores Admission Settings and Admission Defaults

  • Video: Admissions Settings and Defaults
  • Admission Basics

Looking up Students and Staff
This topic explores using the Global Search Tool, the Staff Details Page and the Student Details Page

  • Video: Looking up Students and Staff Details
  • Lookup Staff and Student

Viewing and Accessing a Student Record
This topic explores the following areas: Accessing a Student Record, Viewing a Student Record, Student Contacts, Communication Log and Key Data

  • Video: View/Access/Add a Student Record
  • Viewing/Accessing a Student Record

Amending Attendance
This topic explores how to Amend Daily Attendance and Amend Class/Group Attendance

  • Video: Amend Daily/Class/Group Attendance
  • Amend Attendance

This topic explores the following built in Student Reports: Emergency Information, Photo Report, Data Check, Parent/Guardian Labels Plus how to access the Repository Quick Reports

  • Video: Student Reports
  • Video: Repository Quick Reports
  • Reports

Attendance Analysis
This topic explores the following areas within Attendance Analysis: Creating a New Template, using the Breakdown By function and applying other Filters

  • Video: Attendance Analysis
  • Attendance Analysis

Student Ratings & Reviews

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5 hours ago
Lots of information to take in, given that lots of the tabs and parts of the menu that the training speaks about are not yet part of my own Bromcom Dashboard, meaning that I couldn\'t try it out for myself.
4 days ago
It was very clear and informative.
6 days ago
Informative, but will be more beneficial once we are up and running with Bromcom and able to work through the examples.
6 days ago
2 weeks ago
Good introduction to basics
2 weeks ago
It was not all relevant, but a good introduction not having seen how Bromcom operates prior to the course. Not all relevant to my role, but I liked being able to do each section in bitesize and move a section on quickly that wasn\'t relevant to me.
3 weeks ago
Very good match which thankfully didn\'t take the predicted 3.30 hrs
3 weeks ago
Useful bite size info about different elements of the system. Didn’t find the structure of the course that easy to navigate to begin with, but once I understood there was a short video clip then a multi choice quiz for each section, got on fine.
3 weeks ago
Too fast and not all relevant
3 weeks ago
I have found this course very intuitive and very much look forward to our system going live. It will make a lot of our processes so much quicker, easier and more streamlined. Thank you
3 weeks ago
Good Training.
3 weeks ago
Easy to follow
4 weeks ago
I really enjoyed it. Very informative.
4 weeks ago
Overall this was informative, however some sections felt quite rushed.
1 month ago
Very helpful.