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COVID-19 Attendance Codes for 2019-20

The full DfE guidance can be found here. This states that schools should:

  • Resume taking the Attendance Register when more groups of pupils begin to return to school


  • Consider using the Attendance and Absence Codes in the following sections when completing the Attendance Register until further notice

To support you to comply with this guidance and identify COVID-19 related absences, Bromcom has added four new attendance codes which will be available from 1 June 2020 – these are marked with an asterisk in the table below * and will be mapped back to codes Y and I for Census purposes.

These codes are available for Attendance Officers and Administrators and are not, by default, available for Teachers. If you want to change this it can be amended via Configuration > Attendance > Attendance Codes.

Summary of attendance codes and their usage

DfE Guidance on pupil typeAttendance MarkAttendance Description
Pupils who are not eligible to attend a session  XNot required to be in school
Pupils who are eligible to attend a session but do not. This includes children in eligible year groups, children of critical workers and vulnerable children. DfE suggest this should be recorded by code Y, however we have created additional, temporary codes to help you identify those in each category, these will be reported for the Census as code Y 9*Student is shielding
 8 Student is self-isolating 
 0* Student has EHCP and risk assessment says that their needs cannot be safely met in school
Students who are eligible to attend a session but do not attend school due to illness. DfE suggest this should be recorded as I, however we have created an additional, temporary code to support you to identify COVID-related absence, this will be reported for the Census as code I IIllness – no COVID related symptons
 7* Illness with COVID related symptoms
 Where a student does not attend school – despite being eligible C Leave of absence authorised by the school
 Students who are attending other schools  D  Dual Registration 
B Educated off site (NOT dual registration)
Using other authorised absence and attendance codes The original codes such are M still available and should be used as instructed by DfE  


To create a list each day of students and their attendance codes use Attendance Report by Code/Meaning

Reports > Attendance > Attendance Report by Code/Meaning

Set the parameters as below:

  • Group Name > Find > (s) Current Students
  • Day Start/Day End > Today’s Date
  • Report By > Select the codes you wish to report on
  • Include > AM/PM Only
  • Sort By – Display Attendance Mark

Click Preview in top left

This report shows you students, tutor group, attendance mark.

To create a daily overview of attendance codes and the count and percentage of students with each code use – Attendance Analysis Exports

Reports > Attendance > Attendance Analysis Exports

Select the following parameters:

  • Export > Year Attendance By Code (AM-PM)
  • Use Export Name > Tick
  • Exclude following characters from header > Tick
  • Group Name > (S) Current Students
  • Date Start/End > Todays Date

Click Export in the top left.

The report will appear in red below. Click on it to open it and it will display as below.

This lists the attendance codes down the left, meaning, all year groups as a count and as a % then overall count and % on the right.