Post Data Migration Checklist

This guide is for customers who have purchased data migration services from Bromcom.

Your Role

Bromcom provides a full testing service to ensure that the target data is successfully migrated from your source system, including a full test migration. You do not need to check every part of the system after the test migration.

However, you should familiarise yourself with the data in the test system and, if you do find any issues, report these to your deployment manager to enable us to resolve these quickly.

Scope of Migration

The Data Migration Scope Document outlines the data that is included in the data migration.

All Data Migration Scope Documents can be found here.

Ensure you have located and familiarised yourself with the relevant scope document so that you can refer back to it later on, if you have any queries.

Basic checks

 Suggested area to checkComplete? Y/N
1School characteristics 
2Students – check a percentage of students and their contact details, make sure priority 1 and medical details have transferred correctly 
3Check registers look correct – AM/PM 
4Check dinner balances are correct 
5Census – run the latest Student and Staff Census in Bromcom and the source MIS and check they match 
6Check photos have come across for staff and students – anything over 200kb does not get migrated (SIMS/ RM schools only) 
 For secondary schools only 
7Period structure – this can be different between MIS systems 
8Student timetables – to ensure classes have come across and are populated 
9Cover module – check the right people are showing 

Reporting any migration issues

If you follow this guide and do find any issues with your data migration please report them to your project manager at