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How To Record Non-Attendance Relating to COVID-19 in Bromcom (from August 23rd 2021)

This guide shows you how to use the new Attendance Subcodes on COVID-19 related non-attendance.

It should be read alongside the DfE guidance on managing and reporting on attendance in relation to COVID-19.

IMPORTANT: the new Subcodes will be available for use on September 2nd. For the COVID dashboard and input into the Educational Settings Status Form they will be available from the 6th September.

Covid -19 Attendance Sub Codes

New COVID-19 Attendance Codes

On 23rd August 2021 the Government updated the guidance on recording non attendance relating to COVID-19.

The Subcodes X08 and X09 are added to X code in the Bromcom MIS to reflect the new guidance. X03 and X04 have been deactivated.

From September 2nd 2021 the following Subcodes will be available.

XX01This code is used to record sessions that non-compulsory school age children are not expected to
attend (original code meaning)
X02This code is used for pupils who are self-isolating because they have symptoms of coronavirus
(COVID-19) but they have not yet had a positive test.
X05This code is used for pupils who are required to be in quarantine on arrival in, or return to, the UK.
X06This code is used for the small number of pupils who have been specifically identified as clinically
extremely vulnerable and advised that they should not attend school.
X07This is for pupils who as part of local or national restrictions to education settings, are specifically advised not to attend school
for public health reasons.
X08This code is for pupils who are advised not attend school, for public health reasons, as part
of formal contingency planning (sometimes called outbreak management) advice related to
COVID-19. This code can only be used to record restricted attendance where this has been
advised by the relevant public health authority.
X09This code is for pupils or students who are advised to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace
because they are not fully vaccinated and are over the age of 18 years and 6 months.
There is no requirement for children or young people under the age of 18 years and 6
months, regardless of their vaccine status, to self-isolate whilst awaiting the results of their
PCR test where they have been a close contact.
II01This code is used for pupils who are absent because of non-coronavirus (COVID-19) related illness
or sickness.
I02This code is used for pupils who are absent because they have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).
New codes with effect from 2nd September 2021

Pre August 23rd 2021 sub codes will be retired:

Code Code Meaning
X03This code is used for pupils who are self-isolating because of contact with a case of coronavirus
(COVID-19) inside the school setting (for example, individuals, classes, year groups or bubbles who
have been sent home because of potential contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) within the school setting). Includes test and trace where it applies
X04This code is used for pupils who are self-isolating because of contact with a case of coronavirus
(COVID-19) OUTSIDE the school setting (for example, a household member with symptoms or a
confirmed positive test, or a social contact or a contact with someone from the local community with
a confirmed positive test). Includes pupils advised to self-isolate through test and trace where
Previous COVID-19 sub codes removed for September 2nd

Note: a Subcode is now mandatory for X and I. Where an active Subcode exists, it is mandatory for one to be used.

If you need to add a new Subcode you can also do that by following this guide.

Set the Default Subcode (Meaning) for the Main Codes

You can view and edit the codes from the Attendance Codes page, which you can navigate to from the Global Search Menu or Config > Attendance > Attendance Codes.

Select the 2020-21 Academic Year to see the new codes.

There is now an additional button at the top of the page that says Manage Subcodes, when you select an Attendance Code from the list.

Select the code you wish to view and click the Manage Subcodes button. The following page will open.

Choosing a Default will mean that when the Code is entered on a register, the default meaning is the Default Subcode that you have selected.

Entering the Subcodes

The Subcodes cannot be entered anywhere other than on the Manage Attendance page. They cannot be entered via Bulk Attendance Update or the Register.

Teachers will enter attendance in the normal way. If you have given them access to enter the I and X codes on Registers, then they will be able to enter them as before and it will be the Default Subcode that is entered, although only the original code will show on their register.

Select the Date and the Group that you wish to update the Attendance for. You may also wish to filter by specific Code or Meaning and click Apply .

The chosen group of students will appear below.

When you type your chosen Attendance Code (which in this case for the Subcodes will be an X or an I only) into the cell to update the Register, if there are Subcodes attached to that Code, they will appear in a pop up box as follows, just click on the required Subcode.

Note: The numbers in the Key column are NOT Codes to be entered into the Register.

Click Enter if you want it to be the default highlighted Subcode, or Select the one you wish to enter or Type the corresponding number under Key to enter that Subcode.

This will add the Subcode to the Students‘ attendance. It will appear in yellow until it is saved. To save click the Green Save button.

There is a Green Triangle in the bottom left of the students attendance box. If you hover over this it is a Tooltip and the explanation for that Subcode will appear.

You can find a report for Attendance SubCodes by Date in the Bromcom Report Repository.