Query 2905Q

Access: The permissions required to run and troubleshoot the Autumn Census are found in the Census Module of Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions. Each tick box on the right determines which functions are visible/available on the page for users with the selected Role.

In this guide, we will cover how to troubleshoot the Query 2905Q for Autumn Census 2022.

You will get this Query on your census if the earliest start date for a Student’s Learning Aims does not equal the start date of the Students Programme Aim.

DfE validation and error;

  • Validation Check; The earliest <LearningStartDate> of all <LearningAim> records should equal <ProgrammeStartDate> of the parent <ProgrammeAim>
  • Error Message : the earliest Learning Aim start date should be equal to the Programme Aim start date.

Learning Aims are attached to the Programmes or Courses that Students are studying and they can be added through multiple ways on the MIS.

The Start Date, End Date and Planned End Date of the Learning Aims MUST fall within the Start, End and Planned End Date of the Programme Aim that was previously set.

To View/Edit Learning Aims in bulk or for individual Students, see: Autumn Census – Learning Aims

Updated on November 10, 2022

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