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Autumn 2021 School Census – Learning Aims

The Autumn 2021 Census will released to Bromcom customers from Monday the 20th September.

This page contains Bromcom guidance for completing the Autumn 2021 Census and focuses specially on Learning Aims.

Learning Aims are attached to the Programmes or Courses that Students are studying and they can be added through multiple ways on the MIS. The Start Date, End Date and Planned End Date of the Learning Aims must fall within the Start, End and Planned End Date of the Programme Aim that was previously set.

Each Learning Aim has a unique QN Code, the QN Codes must be correctly entered when adding a Learning Aim. Your Local Authority/the DfE can assist you if you are unsure which one to select.

Learning Aims can be added using 4 methods;

  • Learning Aims can be added individually via a Student’s Record (Students>View a Student>Enrolment Tab>Learning Aims) – This method will be very time consuming so one of the next methods may be more efficient, but this is a good way of making individual changes if needed.
Via Students
  • Learning Aims can be added directly against a Course on the MIS (Groups>Courses>View a Course>Learning Aim Details) – These Learning Aims will then cascade down to the Classes within the Course, which in turn will apply the QN Code against the Students in the Class with a one year Planned End Date.

Note: You will need to manually extend the Planned End Date of the Learning Aim if a two Year Course is being added.

Via Courses
  • Groups>Teaching Classes>View a Class>Learning Aim DetailsLearning Aims can be added to a Teaching Class directly, which will apply the QN Code to the Students but NOT the Course. This is because the Course is above the Class on the MIS and the Learning Aims do not apply upwards.
  • Note : Please ensure the Exam Level is completed within the Teaching Class in the Additional Group Details Section.
Exam Level
Via Classes

Modules>Curriculum>Bulk Learning Aim UpdateLearning Aims can be added in Bulk using the Bulk Learning Aim page.

Via Learning Aim Update

The idea of this page is to apply Learning Aims in Bulk using a table where you can either amend existing or add new Learning Aims as seen below;

Adding the Learning Aims

Selecting Add Learning Aim allows you to apply a QN Code for individual or multiple Students with the desired dates. Choose the correct QN Code and press Done.

Selecting the QN Code

This will take you back to the original page where the QN Codes will be added and you need to press Apply if the data is correct.

Updated on October 8, 2021

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  1. Is it worth adding language here to the effect that a dependency of the cascading of the learning aim from Course > Teaching Class > Student is that the exam level associated with that teaching class must be accurate?

    1. Hi Alec
      Thank you for you comments.
      I have updated the guide
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

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