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How to enter CPD Activities and CPD: In Service Training

Note: All pages shown below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

In this guide, you will be shown the following;

This data is found when you go to the Performance Management area of a Staff Record and exist in the form of two panels.

These panels are independent and do not depend upon each other’s completion to make the other available/accessible.

Important: CPD Activities themselves cannot currently be Bulk Imported/updated, but the panel below for CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation can be Bulk Imported/updated through a Manual Data Import.

See also: How to do a Manual Data Import/Export and How to use the Performance Management page.

Manually adding CPD Activities data

To begin, you need to go to the Staff List page.

From there, select the Staff Member/s you wish to add CPD data for and press View.

Staff List

Once you have a Staff Record open, navigate to the Performance Management tab on the left and scroll down to find the two CPD panels.

Performance Management

As stated at the start of this guide, CPD Activities cannot be Bulk Imported/updated and therefore must be added manually.

To add them, you need to use the + icon on the top right of the panel.

+ icon

This will provide you with a pop out screen where you will need to manually enter all of the information you wish to add regarding the CPD Activities.

Note: There are two tabs available in this window (Details and Documents/Evidence) and all fields with * next to them are mandatory/must be completed.


Once you have entered the desired information regarding the CPD Activity, press Save.


The CPD Activity has been added in around a minute and is now visible under the CPD Activities panel.

Data added

Manually adding CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation

Regardless of whether you have populated CPD Activity data yet, you can populate CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation anytime using one of two methods.

You can enter this data manually one Staff Member at a time, or you can add this data to multiple Staff Members in one process via a Manual Data Import, which will be shown later in this guide.

To add the data manually, press the + icon next to the CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation panel.

Add/Edit CPD

Enter the required information and press Save.

Note: Selecting Monitoring and Evaluation as the CPD Type lets you enter an internal Staff Supervisor, while selecting In Service Training lets you enter a Provider.

Add Data and press Save

You can now see that both panels are populated for one Staff Member.

You would need to repeat this process for each Staff Member to continue adding the data manually.

CPD Panels populated manually

Bulk Importing CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation

If you wish to add CPD: In Service Training & Monitoring and Evaluation data in bulk or for multiple Staff Members at a time, you can use the following method.

Go to the Staff List page and select all of the desired Staff Members so that they are highlighted blue.

Staff List

This time, press Actions>Manual Data Export.

Manual Data Export

Next, change the Data Source to In Service Training and press Export.

Data Source/Export

This will export a CSV file which will appear at the bottom of your browser or can be found in the downloads folder of your PC.

Bottom of Browser

Which ever way you find the file, click or double click on it to open it.

Downloads folder

The file will automatically have the Names and Staff Codes populated because multiple Staff Members were selected, these are used to map the data back to the correct Staff Member later.

Note: Please do not amend any data that you receive in the file such as the column headings or Staff data. Changing these will cause the Import to fail, the column headings especially must not be amended in any way.

Blank data

All that is required now is to fill in the empty fields and populate the Nature of Activity, Provider and Date.

Note: The information can be exactly the same or different for each Staff Member, it won’t affect the Import.

Once the empty fields have been populated, the last step is to Save the file exactly as it is using the Save icon.

Save with data

Now, return to Bromcom and reopen the Staff List page.

With the same Staff Members selected as before, press Actions>Manual Data Import.

Manual Data Import

Use the Browse button to select the CSV File where ever it is saved on your PC, leave the other options as they are and press Next.

Manual Data Import – Step 1

From there, change the Data Destination to In Service Training and make sure that the three additional fields are mapped correctly (Provider = Provider, Date = Date etc).

If you are happy that the columns are mapped correctly, press Import.

Manual Data Import – Step 2

You will then receive a Success notification.


Now, if you press View on the Staff List page with the same Staff Members still selected, you can view each of their Records and visually confirm that the data has Imported correctly.


As shown in the two examples below, the same data from the CSV file was successfully added to the Staff Members via the Import.

Check 1
Check 2
Updated on November 9, 2022

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