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Curriculum Managers – Secondary

This page contains a full Recording of a Bromcom Webinar covering Curriculum Managers – Secondary.

All of the areas covered in the Webinar are detailed and can be found via the Agenda, which you can download below.

Area CoveredStart Time
Academic Setup/Maintenance3:53
Set Timetable Defaults
Create a Period Structure
Create New Academic Year & Apply Period Structure
Maintain Academic Days
How to Apply a Timetable Model
Pastoral Elements31:55
Review Hierarchical Structure
Tutor Groups and Houses
Staff Timetables1:07:25
Non-Contact & Duty Codes
Timetable Changes
Timetable Report – Staff, Department etc
Staff Groups & Staff Timetable Clash Reports
Student Timetables1:00:16
Individual Student
Via Bulk Group Assignment also referring to Import/Export Routine
Via Bulk Curriculum Assignment (Classes)
Via Year Group and Year Group Assignment Options
Student Timetables and Timetable Clash Reports
Reporting Groups and How to Use1:32:41
Creation Dynamic and Static
Filter Conditions
Assigning Staff
Typical Issues
Withdrawal GroupsN/A
Further Reporting1:11:26
Timetable report – Year, Department etc
Room Timetable Reports
Class/Group Reports
Free Staff/Room Reports
Introduction to Reporting1:54:52
Using the Bromcom Matrix to Create Broadsheets
Curriculum Managers
Updated on November 23, 2021

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