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End of Year Guidance 2021

This page contains information on completing your End of Year in Bromcom.

End of Year support call service

If you have not completed your End of Year you can book a call with one of our Customer Success Managers.

End of Year Support call service

End of Year Dashboard

A new End of Year Dashboard allows you to track the status of your End of Year tasks. You can read about the dashboard and how to use it here.

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Navigating to the End of Year Dashboard from the Homepage

Webinar Recordings

Primary EOY webinar

Secondary EOY Webinar

Other webinars that might be helpful are listed on our free webinar page.

Read the Full EOY Guides

Other Helpful Guides

Summer 2021 Admissions Guidance

Managing Data Boundaries

Check Current Year End Dates – Teaching Classes/Tutor Groups

Create a New Period Structure

How to Manage Split Lunches and Social Distancing in Schools

Create New Academic Year

Add/Amend Academic Days/Staff Days

How to Add Students via CTF Import

Check AM/PM Session Times and Length for next year

How to Promote Tutor Groups

Check all Students are in a Tutor Group

Check All Students are in a Year Group

Check Teaching Classes Exist

Check Students have a lesson/full timetable

Bulk Group Assignment

Bulk Group Assignment via Import/Export

Check Teaching Classes have Teachers

Check Teaching Classes have Timetables

Check Tutor Groups Exist

Check All the Correct Tutor Groups Exist

Check Tutor Groups have AM/PM Timetables

Check Tutor Groups have Tutors

Register Update Parameters

Set up MCAS for next academic Year

MCAS Check accounts for new and removed students

Student Portal Check accounts for all students

Behaviour Components Check

Detentions Schedule Check

Behaviour Actions Check

How to Manage the DMS – Documents and Reports in My Account

Updated on September 1, 2021

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  1. Hi, please could I have details of the Primary EOY webinar? The link is being blocked by my schools firewall. Thanks.

    1. Hi Louise, if you cannot access goto webinar then you can view the recording on this page the day after the session. I’d recommend you do get your I department to unfilter gotowebinar as this is Bromcom’s training platform for all free webinars. Hope that helps!

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