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Exams Officer – Secondary

This page contains a full Recording of a Bromcom Webinar covering Exams Officer – Secondary.

All of the areas covered in the Webinar are detailed and can be found via the Agenda, which you can download below.

Area CoveredStart Time
Entry Codes5:09
Default Text11:42
Seasons and Season Patterns20:38
Exam Boards28:55
Exam Room31:34
Active Season47:06
Importing Base Data48:25
File Uploads50:25
Manage Candidates1:06:37
Manage Exam Sheets1:13:44
Manage Entries1:28:04
Exams Management
Seating Organisation1:36:35
Cloning Seating 1:45:08
Managing Submissions1:49:21
Importing Results2:14:11
Adding Results2:16:55
Student Results/Reports2:23:48
Updated on March 18, 2022

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