How to Add Formula Columns

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From the left Menu go to Modules > Assessment > Manage Templates from within Routines.

There are many different Formulas you can choose from, Difference ColumnsAverageSums etc. These enable you to display the differences between Grades, for example to display Progress from one Assessment Point to another.

To do this select a Template using the Find option, then click on the Edit button.

This will open the Template Details page, from the Columns section click on the Add button.

This will open the Add Template Columns page, from the dropdown list select the Add Columns for Data Entry option and click the Save button.

An additional section will open, select the Review option.

Select your Formula from the dropdown list.

This is an example for adding Key Stage 2 Scaled Score Results.

This is an example for adding a Difference Column.

Updated on November 11, 2022

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