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How to Add Internal Candidates

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this process to assign Students as Candidates to a chosen Active Examination Season. In order to make Examination Entries Students must be assigned to the relevant Season.

From the left Menu go to Modules > Examination > Manage Candidates.

To add a New Candidate click the New button.

This will display the option to click on the type of Candidate you want to create.

To create an Internal Candidate, select Internal Candidate.

Select Add New Candidates if you have not previously added Candidates to the Exams module or select Add from Previous Seasons. (For this example, we will be selecting Add New Candidates).

Use the Student Name selector tool to locate the Student/s, once you have selected the Student/s of your choice you can finalise the process by simply clicking the Done button.

The Internal Candidates will now appear in the list. To Assign UCI and Candidate Numbers from Manage Candidates select the required student/s and from the Actions dropdown select Assign UCI & Candidate Numbers.

Tick to Assign Candidate Numbers and Assign UCI’s.

Note: Any number in the range already assigned will not be assigned and any selected Candidate who already has a number will not be given a new one.

Save to complete the process.

A Warning message has been added when Deleting a Candidate who has an assigned Candidate Number, which has never been submitted for any Exams, as the Candidate Number in these circumstances will not be saved.

Once the UCI and Candidate Numbers have been assigned you can edit these is Modules > Exams > Manage Candidates. Choose the Candidate and click Edit.

Then change the Candidate Number and click Validate to check no other Student has the same Candidate Number.

Click Save to complete the process.

Updated on November 4, 2021

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  1. If we have a student new to school who already has a UCI number and we want to assign a specific candidate, can we amend the numbers Bromcom has assigned to them?

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