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How to Assign Access Levels and Permissions for the Self-Serve HR area

Use this guide to manage the Access Levels and Permissions page which allows Access Levels to be created for Staff giving Permissions as to what they can and cannot see or do in the HR self-serve area via My Profile.

Access: Permissions for Access Levels and Permissions are set via Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions from within the Administration module.


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Go to Modules > Administration > Access Levels and Permissions


To add a new Access Level click on the + icon top right. It will also show the number of Staff members not assigned to an Access Level, move the mouse pointer over the i Information icon to see a list of those Staff members.

Add an Access Level

Enter a Name for the Access Level and a Description, the toggle button will show Active by default, change this if you do not want this Access Level to be Active at this moment. When finished click the Next button.

Click Next

Access Levels can be created for the Basic Information, Contact Information, Vehicles, Banking, Qualifications, Documents and Requests & Claims sections of the Staff page. The Access can be set for when a member of Staff is viewing their own details or the details of other members of Staff by using the When Viewing Themselves or When
Viewing Others
toggle button. This page will allow the HR Admin to decide which members of Staff have Access, to ensure that no one is able to Edit or view information they are not supposed to.

Add/Edit Access Levels

Click on the Down Arrow to the right of the Permissions to set the Permission Level. A dropdown list will be displayed with options to:

  • View Only – the User can see the option but cannot make changes
  • Edit – the User can see the option and can Edit it
  • Edit – Approval Required – the User can Edit the option but the change will require Approval
  • No Access – the User will not see this option
  • Not Permitted – the User is not Permitted to Add/Edit this option
  • Permitted – Requires Approval the User is Permitted to Add/Edit this option but the change will require Approval
  • Permitted – the User is Permitted to Add/Edit this option

Note: The Permission Options will vary depending on the Access Level selected.

When the Edit option is selected a further two options are added to make this a Required Field and to make Documentation Required, tick the relevant boxes to make the options mandatory.

Move across the tabs setting the Access Permissions for the required areas and when finished click the Finish button to save your changes.

To Edit these options double click on the Access Level to open the page again or click on the Pencil icon on the right
of the row.

If the When Viewing for Others toggle is selected the options are set in the same way, based on the Staff Units that have been created.

When Viewing Others

Now the Access Level has been created Staff will have to be added to it. To do this find the Access Level just created and click on it, a new page Assigned Staff (with the name of the Access Level) will be displayed on the right. Use the Search option or click in the empty field for a dropdown list to make your selections and click on the Green Tick icon
to Save.

Assign Staff

The Staff will now show as added and if you look at the Access Level it will now display the number of Staff Assigned to it. Additional Staff can be added at any time in the same way.

Access Levels Assigned

Note: A member of Staff can only be in one Access Level, if you add them to a second Access Level they will be removed from the first.

Updated on December 11, 2023

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