How to Configure Fine Assessment

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Assessment Managers can use this guide to configure Fine Assessment within Tracking Templates to then be visible in the Assessment Sheets for the teachers to input Student data.

Fine Assessment : This is used when for example: a Year 11 Autumn 1 English Current Grade is being collected for each student, this Current Grade is made up of the ‘best grade’ for 3 pieces of homework that the students have completed in the Autumn 1 Term

See also How to Create an Assessment Sheet.

From the Home Screen go to Modules>Assessment>Manage Templates

Manage Templates

Click New to create a New Tracking Template.

New Tracking Template

In the Template Details panel give the Tracking Template a Name, Notes, choose the Year Group and in this example the Subject is English.

Note: you can choose more than one Subject if the parameters for the Fine Assessment are the same i.e. if English & Maths are using 3 pieces of work to make up the ‘best grade’ in the Autumn 1 Current Grade collection.

Template Details

Now we are going to add the Columns that we want to be visible in the Assessment Sheet.

In the Columns panel click Add, note the Student Name is added automatically.

Add a Column

In the Column Type drop down select Add Columns for Data Entry.

Then you need to choose the Assessment Type, Term, Year Group and Subject that you want to be visible as a Data Entry column in the English Assessment Sheet.

Note: More than one Assessment Type and Term can be selected at this point.

Note: for Year Group we have chosen Same As Template and for the Subject we have chosen Same as Template as these have been defined in the Template Details panel.

Click Add.

Now we can see the Column in the Columns Panel


Next select the Column you want to define the Fine Assessment for and then Click Set Fine Assessment.

Select Column and Set Fine Assessment

Now the Fine Assessment Settings panel is now visible.

Fine Assessment Settings

Now from the Auto-calculate drop down we are going to choose Best of All Assessments in this example.

Next we are going to choose 3 from the Fine Assessment Count and then define the Ref and Tooltip in the 3 lines below. This is because the Current Grade being collected is going to be made up of the Best of All Assessments for 3 pieces of Homework completed by the Students in the Autumn 1 data collection.

In this example the Max Mark is set to 9. Note the Current Grade Assessment Type in this example has a 9-1 Grade Set so ensure the Max Mark doesn’t exceed 9 in this example.

Fine Assessment Setts

Click Save.

Note: Enable Most Right Settings.

This is used in the example 4 units are being taken however, we only want the Simple Average for 3 of the Units

Auto Calculate: Simple Average

Active: Selected

Fine Assessment Count: 4 i.e. Unit 1, 2 ,3 and 4.

Enable Most Right: set to 3 then the Simple Average only takes into account Unit 2,Unit 3 & Unit 4.

Click Save.

Updated on November 11, 2022

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