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How to Create a Club or Trip

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

In Bromcom you can set up any time of Club or Trip, including free, paid or running balance for pre and after school care. Note a Trip is a single instance of a Club.

Tip: if you already have a Club set up you can copy it and amend from there.

Also See: How to Edit and Maintain a Club and How to Take Club Attendance.

How to Set up a Running Balance Club

To add a Clubs or Trip go to Groups > Group Type > Club.

Click on New and add the Group Name and Description.

Note a Trip is a single instance of a Club.

Complete the relevant fields:

  • Club Payment Types – can be either FreePaid, or Running Balance. With Running Balances students can be assigned to specific sessions either by Administrators or Parents. Parents then pay off the Running Balance over time
  • The Start and End Date  – refer to the dates when the Club will be running, you can timetable this further on to specific times
  • Membership Limit and Reserved Spaces – is how many people you wish to have in the Group and how many of those spaces can be Reserved in advance.
  • Waiting List – whether you wish to run a Waiting List in case anyone drops out or leaves the Club
  • Attachments – are associated documents about the Group, such as Flyers or an Itinerary. These can be Uploaded as a Document
  • Linked Groups – clicking on the Linked Groups button opens the Group Selector page where you have the option to select who the Club or Trip is for – ClassesYear Groups or other Types of Groups. Once you have selected the Group type (if needed – you can just leave it for the whole Group), select the further sub Groups within that area, then when you’re finished click Done, if you want a Trip to be for a select group of Students create a Report Group first with the selected students.
  • Important Note: leaving the Linked Groups empty will open the Club/Trip up for all Students.

You will now be returned to the Create New Club page. Click on the Save & Edit button.

You have now created your Group and can complete the final details.

Schedule and Publish the Club and Add Payment Details

Now your Club has been created you can select it and View, to add final details.

From Group Details you can view the Basic Details selected earlier and input Additional Details. You can select the Dates for it to appear Live on MyChildatSchool and add Payment Details.

Payment Details

For this example we have selected the Enrol to Sessions. The charge Amount can also be added here. When finished click on the Save Schedule button and a Timetable will be displayed.

Note: for the Charge Name and Code you can add an additional charge, for example a lower cost for Pupil Premium Students as in the example below.

You can make this Charge available to parents if required, or alternatively untick then you would add the Pupil Premium Students to the Club and choose this charge manually.

Pupil Premium Charge

Adding Members to the Club Manually

If you want to enrol Students manually go to Groups and choose Club from the Group Type drop down, click on the required Group and View. Then in the Student Memberships section where the current Members are listed and Add additional Students.

If a Club has multiple Sessions the View Preferences option can be used for Running Balance Clubs allowing the Students preferred days to be entered.

Clicking on this option with one or more Students selected will open the Student Preferences pop-up. The Student Preferences can then be added using the tick boxes. Then either click the Save button to Save and continue or the Save & Close button to finish.

The Preferences for a Student will be denoted by a blue i icon by the Student Name and can be viewed by moving the mouse over the icon. Clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon to the right of a Student will open the Student Information pop-up.

Clicking on the Edit Sessions button will open the Edit Student Information pop-up, which will display the Submitted Preferences and allow them to also be edited using the tick boxes, click Save when finished.

The Edit Membership Dates option allows the End Dates to be changed for the selected Students.

The Auto Allocate option can also be used for Running Balance Clubs allowing the Students preferred days to be entered. This option when selected will Auto Allocate Students into sessions based on their Preferences.

Select one or more Students and click on the Auto Allocate button, this will open the Auto Allocate Students to Sessions pop-up.

Select the From and To date range, the Charges if there are any from the dropdown menu and click on the Allocate Students button. A Confirmation Message will be given, select Proceed or Cancel.

If a session is over allocated a message will be given. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to the right of the Student to see the Allocations.

Ticking the Show Only Active Memberships box will display the Students with a currently Active Membership.

Ticking the Only Show Negative Balances box will display Students with a Negative Balance.

Students can be Hidden from the list by clicking on the Eye icon to the right, on doing this the Student will be Hidden from the list. To see the Hidden Students tick the Show Hidden Members box, this will show the Hidden Students with an Eye with a Slash icon, to denote they are Hidden. To show the Student again click on the Eye icon and it will remove the Slash and the Student will no longer be Hidden.

Updated on March 9, 2022

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