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How to Create Order Books

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Books are used to setup numbering sequences for different types of transactions and also to define transaction types for different types of transaction (e.g. Purchase Orders are defined by the prefix PO or Cashbook transactions by CB).

Some schools may want to use specific number ranges for each financial year. Others will want one number sequence to cover a number of years.

The following transactions need an Order Book setup:

Cheque BooksPaying in SlipsPetty Cash VouchersPurchase OrdersReceipts and Sales Invoices/Credit Notes.

To setup Books go to Maintenance and select Books.

To add a new sequence, select Purchase Order Books from  the Book Type in the dropdown menu.

Then add New and complete the form.

Note that the finish button deletes the whole Book, rather than ending the number sequence that can be used.

If you want to close a Book, highlight it on the main menu and click the Finish button.

It will give you a warning message, click the Yes button.

Status will then be closed.

Updated on October 22, 2021

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