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How to create Student Portal (VLE) User Accounts

Note: All pages shown are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this guide to create User Accounts for the Student Portal.

You will need to go to Modules>Student Portal>User Accounts


Once this page loads, any existing Student Portal User Accounts will show on the page like so;

Existing User Accounts

For the purpose of this guide, I have started fresh so that the full process can be shown and a first time Student Portal set up is simulated.

No existing Users

Once you arrive at the User Accounts page for the first time, it will be blank because at this point you do not have any accounts. From here, press New.

Once you press New, this will open a new section where all of the Students without User Accounts are displayed and you have the following options:

Current – Refers to Students currently on Roll at your School

Leaver – Refers to Students who have been processed as Leavers from your School

Future – Refers to Students who have a future start date at your School

New users shown under Current

Set this to Current and it will provide you with all of the on roll Students without accounts yet.

From here you can either Select All or individually pick the Students you want to create Accounts for and press Next.

Note: You can use the Select All button to select every Student.

Select All and Next

Once you press Next, this will take you to the account generation page where you can select to Auto or Manually Generate the Accounts.

We always advise to use Auto, especially if you are doing this en masse. This way the format is consistent and it saves you a lot of time.

When you are ready press Save.

Auto Generate and Save

Pressing Save takes you to the final step where the Accounts have been created and you can choose to Send the Invitation Code Emails straight away, or Close and you can send the Emails in your own time.

Send Invitation Code Emails

A good feature of sending the Emails from here is that you are shown which Students (if any) do not have an Email Address, like so;

Students Missing Email Addresses

You can either proceed and send Emails to the highlighted Students later or go to their Records, make sure they have an Email address and then carry out this process.

You should now see that the main screen on Modules>Student Portal>User Accounts has all of your Students with their User Accounts.

If you did not send the Invitation Code Emails in the last step of the process, you can now do so from the User Accounts Page under Action, see below image;

Action>Send Invitation Code Email

You will now also see that when you open a Student’s Record, the Graduation Cap on the top right is now Green. Previously this will have been Grey before a User Account was created for them

When it is Green, you can click on this to preview the Student’s account and have the ability to see what they do once logged in.

Student without a User Account
Student with a User Account
Updated on August 3, 2021

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