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How to Create User Defined Fields

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

In this guide you will be shown how to create User Defined Fields, which are essentially customised fields that you can store against Student, Staff or Contact Records.

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From the left Menu go to Config > Administration > User Defined Fields.


This will open the User Defined Fields page, click on the New button.

UDF Page

This will open a new section, Add User Defined Fields. Enter the new details, those marked with * are mandatory.


Below is a list of what each field refers to;

  • Name – enter a Name for the UDF
  • Description – enter a Description for the UDF
  • Data Group – select the Group the UDF will display in from the dropdown list
  • Data Area – this will be one of the tabs within the secreted Data Group
  • Start Date – will be the Date the new UDF will be available from
  • End Date – this will be the Date the UDF will no longer be available from, leave blank if there is no End Date
  • Field Type – this will set the content for the UDF, which can be set to accept only:
    • Date – will only accept a Date
    • Dropdown Multiple – this allows you to define your own dropdown with multiple choices
    • Dropdown Single – this allows you to define your own dropdown with a single selection
    • Number – will accept only Numbers
    • Number/Currency – will accept Numbers or Currency values
    • Text – will accept a short Text entry
    • Text (Multiline) – will accept a longer Text entry
    • True/False – will accept either True or False only
  • Add to Additional Columns List – This allows you to use the Column on the Students/Staff pages as a Filter Column.
  • Read only Roles – All Roles added here will have Read Only access to the UDFs
  • Read & Edit Roles – All Roles added here will have Read & Edit access to the UDFs

Note: Administrator is the default and cannot be cleared, but it is only necessary to add a Role once to the appropriate Permission. In other words Read & Edit does not require Read Only as well.

Once you are happy with the details you have added for the User Defined Field click the Create button. It will now be available to use from the Start Date you gave it.


If you ticked Add to Additional Columns List, the UDF will now be visible when adding an Additional Column on the Students List page.

UDF Appears on Students List

The new User Defined Field will now be added to the areas you selected and will be displayed in the User Defined Fields panel.

It can be made Active for the current Student by clicking on the + icon top right of the User Defined Fields panel and ticking the box when the User Defined Fields pop-up is displayed.

Adding the UDF to a Student

It will now display as Active.

Note: All UDF fields are reportable through the Reporting module.


Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions > Administration > Maintenance.

The option will have to be enabled from the Administration module for the appropriate Roles.

Updated on May 25, 2023

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