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How To Create User Defined Fields

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Create customised Fields on StudentStaff or Contact Records.

Go to Config > Administration > User Defined Fields.

From the User Defined Fields page click on the New button, this will open a new page to the right.

The new User Defined Field can now be created from this page.

Enter the following:

  • Name – enter a Name for the UDF
  • Description – enter a Description for the UDF
  • Data Group – select the Group the UDF will display in from the dropdown list
  • Data Area – this will be one of the tabs within the secreted Data Group
  • Start Date – will be the Date the new UDF will be available from
  • End Date – this will be the Date the UDF will no longer be available from, leave blank if there is no End Date
  • Field Type – this will set the content for the UDF, which can be set to accept only:
    • Date – will only accept a Date
    • Dropdown Multiple – this allows you to define your own dropdown with multiple choices
    • Dropdown Single – this allows you to define your own dropdown with a single selection
    • Number – will accept only Numbers
    • Number/Currency – will accept Numbers or Currency values
    • Text – will accept a short Text entry
    • Text (Multiline) – will accept a longer Text entry
    • True/False – will accept either True or False only

Note: All UDF fields are reportable through the Reporting module.

Updated on September 16, 2020

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