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How to get started with the Options Module

In this guide, we will show you how to get started with and use the newly added Options module.

This guide is most applicable to Curriculum Managers, Exam Officers, Timetablers and any other users responsible for offering and implementing GCSE Options. This guide will cover the Options Setup page specifically which is made up of the following sections;

Prerequisites: You must have the Options Module licenced on your MIS.

Access: Depending on which functions you would like staff to see/access, all of the relevant permissions are located in the Options Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions (after it has been licensed).

Once the Options module has been licensed and permissions are granted, you can access it from the side Menu. The Options module is currently broken down into three main areas;

  • Options Reports
  • Options Setup
  • Tools

Options Setup

We will start with the Options Setup page which is the first page you need to visit when using Options.

Initially, the page will be blank so you need to press New.

This opens a pop out wizard, which is includes five steps.

1 – Setup Details

Setup Details is where you create and define the Options data, including the Date Range and how the choices should be returned to you (MCAS/Student Portal etc).

Once these details are all entered, press Next.

2 – Select Pupils

Select Pupils is where you define which Students you are offering the Options to.

It works by ticking the desired Students on the left side of the page and then using the right arrow in the centre of the page. This will move the Students over to the Selected pupils panel on the right.

Once you have chosen your Students, press Next.

3 – Subject Configuration

Subject Configuration is where you add the Subjects that you will be offering in the Options, either as a Core or Option(al) Subject.

It works by pressing Add New Subject.

Once you press Add New Subject, tick the desired Subjects and then use the Tick on the right to confirm the selection.

To remove an added Subject, use the bin icon under the Actions heading against the Subject.

Once the desired Subjects are added and you have marked them as Core or Option, press Next.

4 – Subject Grouping

Subject Grouping is where you can sort the previously added Subjects in to Subject Groups.

For example, if you selected Art, Drama and Music, you could create a Subject Group called Arts where they would all sit and provide one set of Options.

To begin, press Add New Subject Group.

Then type the desired Subject Group Name, select which Subjects you wish to add to the Subject Group and use the tick to confirm your selections.

Once you have created your Subject Groups, press Next.

5 – Setup Rules

The final stage of the process is Setup Rules. This is where you would specify how the Options can be picked based on how they have been grouped.

You can choose from a selection of Rules at the bottom of the page, please keep in mind that parents may also have access to this if you selected MCAS at the start of the process;

  • Pick N Choices from Group X – Allows the student to pick N Choices from within a Subject Group (N is a number that you can define).
  • Choose only 1 item from Group X – Allows the student to select one Option from the Subject Group (you can have multiple Subject Groups).
  • Choose at least 1 item from Group X – Allows the student to select at least one Item from the Subject Group (You can choose which Subject Group, X refers to).
  • Choose all items from Group X or none at all – Allows the student to select all or none of the items from the chosen Subject Group.
  • Choose 1 item from each Group – Allows the student to select one Option from each Subject Group (this selection is good if the Options are grouped by Departments like Sports or Science).
  • Ignore maximum of N Groups – Allows the student to ignore (skip) making choices for a specific number of Subject Groups. This would be normally used for 6th form where there are 5 Subject Groups but only 3 Options to choose.

Once you have added a Rule, use the tick on the far right to confirm the selection.

Once you are happy with your Rule/s, press Submit.

This will create the Options record and provide you with a success notification. You will then also be able to view the Options record below.

Now that you have completed the Options Setup process, please refer to the following guides which cover the next steps – Coming Soon.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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