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How to Import Assessment Data from a CSV

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions. 

This guide will show you how to Import Assessment data using a CSV File.

This might be relevant if you have a large amount of data from CAT’s Testing, FFT or GCSE Exam Results for Year 12 Students who took exams at another school that you wish to Import into Bromcom for analysis or to use on Teacher Marksheets; or you may be migrating from another system. 

If you have a smaller dataset you want to import into a marksheet, please see How To Import Assessment Data Using a Marksheet.

Pre-requisites: You must first have setup Grade Sets and Assessment Types that are suitable for the Data you wish to Import. 

To start from the left Menu go to Modules > Assessment > Manage Data 

Click on Actions > Import Assessment Data 

Select the File you wish to Import, tick the options and click Next 

Then Select whether you want to Complete the Blanks or Update data already there etc 

To Match the data Tick the boxes and Select the correct field to match it to from the dropdown.  

Macintosh HD:Users:louise:Desktop:Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 15.47.14.png

Then Select the data you wish to Import using the final dropdown at the Bottom.

Single Record per Student is selected by default, select this if the sheet being imported has one row per Student, if the sheet has multiple rows per Student select Multiple records per student, click the Next button.

Macintosh HD:Users:louise:Desktop:Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 15.55.04.png

Tick the boxes on the left to select or tick the box top left to select ALL, then select from the Assessment Type, Term and Year Group dropdowns to flood fill the data, finally select the Subject. Depending on your selections from the left tick boxes you can select the Subject and flood fill or select each individually from each row. When done click Next

The Student Mapping will then be displayed, the Mapping Type will display All for those matched and selecting Exception will show those who are not matched.

Click Next and it will bring up the final page where you can see all the Assessment Types listed, the data that is in the system and what is being Imported.  

If you are happy that all is correct and as you expected – please click Import.  

You will then be asked to Confirm and Proceed.  

Finally, you will get a message saying import has been successful.  

Updated on February 11, 2022

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