How to Maintain Staff Units

Staff units can be used to easily give HR functionality permissions to groups of Staff members.

Access: Permissions for Line Management and Staff Units are set via Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions from within the Administration module.


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Go to Modules > Administration > HR & Performance Management > Line Management & Staff Units.


Staff Units give the option for HR processes to be applied to groups of Staff.

The Line Management Structure table shows which Unit that member of Staff is in.

Line management structure

A new Staff Unit can be added by clicking on the + icon top right.

Unit Management

In the pop up that appears, Enter the Unit Name.

Unit Name

You then have the option to Add Staff to the Staff Unit either by their Role or by Individual. To Add Staff to a unit by their Role, select the desired Role from the Add group by Role drop down.

Add group by Role

All Staff Members with the selected Role will then be displayed.

Review Staff

To Add Staff Members by Individual, search for the Staff Member in the Select Staff box and click on them to select them.

Search Staff

You can select multiple Staff at once, once you’re happy with your selections click the Tick.


The added Staff Names will now be displayed, you can Add more staff or Delete them as required, once you’re happy, click Save to create the Staff Unit.


A member of Staff can only be in one Staff Unit, if you add them to a second Staff Unit they will need to be removed from the first. If you attempt to add a Staff Member to a Staff Unit when they are already attached to another Staff Unit you will see the following message. Click Close to Continue.

Staff Validations

When complete the Staff Unit will be listed with the Number of Staff displayed in the column. Double click to Edit the list or change the Unit Name or highlight and select the Bin icon to Delete.

Staff Unit Created
Updated on February 1, 2024

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