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How to Manage Comment Banks

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use Assessment Comment Banks to enable staff to populate Assessment Sheets with pre defined comments and sentences.

Once the Comment Bank has been created see How to Create Assessment Types to create a comment Assessment Type to then be added to marksheet.

Hover on the Config  heading on the Toolbar select Assessment and click on Comment Banks.

This is where you can create and edit Comments for use with Marksheets and Reports. Teachers are then able to chose a Comment from a pre-built list of statements to enter in the Marksheet cells.  

Click New to create a new Comments.

Enter a Comment Title and tick the Active Tick box.

Add the Comment using the Dynamic Links to the left and when finished click the Create button.

Select an option for the Collections,  All will allow the Comment to be seen by everyone, select Specific will allow all of those or a selected few to see the Comments.

Updated on October 8, 2021

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  1. Do you have guidance on how to attach the comment banks to a marksheet?

    1. Hi Anita
      Once the comment bank has been created you then need to create a comment Assessment Type in Modules>Assessment>Assessment Components> Assessment Type.
      Once created this can be added to a template to be visible on the marksheet.
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

  2. Once you’ve created the comment banks how do you add/use them in an assessment/mark sheet? Do you then have to create a comment assessment type? I can’t find anymore guidance on how to use the comment banks within assessment.

    1. Hi Sue
      Thank you for your comments.
      Yes you are correct you would need to create a Comment Assessment Type where you can define a character limit if needed.
      Then you would add that to a template to be visible on a marksheet.
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

  3. Do you have any visual examples of comment banks where one heading would have several comment options to select from please? I have set-up comment banks in Bromcom for the first time and not convinced I have the initial set-up correct.

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