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How to Manage Purchase Order Settings

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions. Go to The Modules – Finance and Finance Home Page.

Goto Maintenance and select Purchase Order Definition.

The Purchase Order Definition consists of four sections:


Details section (data to include on the Purchase Order)


Email settings


Look at the sample Purchase Order at the end of this file to see the impact of these fields but a few key points are:

Purchase Order Number – this comes from the Purchase Order Book – which is defined in Books under Maintenance

•Ability to load the school logo onto the Purchase Order – see checkbox

•Ability to define margin widths

•There are some hard-coded fields such as font and font size.


Lots of flexibility here to select data fields on your template Purchase Order.

Note however that the total column width must not exceed 210 mm. (You will get a warning message if your columns exceed this).


There are two boxes depending on your requirements. Some customers like to get a physical or electronic signature – typically from the Business Manager or Headteacher for all Purchase Orders that leave the school.

Email Settings

Ability to be copied into all Purchase Orders created

You will see a Generate Print button at the top of the Definition page. Once you’ve completed your Purchase Order Setup look at the impact of your selections on a draft PDF.

Updated on October 22, 2021

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