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How to Process a Leaver and Export the CTF

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this guide to;

  • Making a Student a Leaver and creating the CTF Export for Leavers.
  • View Leaver Information

See also How to Add A School for Exporting a CTF

Making a Student a Leaver

Note: If selecting more than one Student they must be leaving on the same Date, have the same Leaving Reason and Destination School if transferring. Otherwise, complete this process for each Student. Adding an end date to the Students school enrolment record will not make them a leaver. You must follow the process below.

From the Student List page, select the Student(s) you want to make a Leaver and from the Actions drop down select Process Leaver(s).

The selected Student(s) are displayed in a Process Leaver(s) list. Complete the information:

  • The Date the Student(s) are Leaving 
  • Reason* – this is the reason for leaving and is selected from a dropdown. If In Year Transfer or End of Key Stage are selected, it will automatically ask for a Destination School.
  • If required select the Removal Ground.
  • To remove associated Attendance Marks after the leaving date tick the Remove any attendance records after leaving box.
  • CTF Export for this action can be produced automatically, by ticking the Produce a CTF Export button.

When you’re finished click the Process button.

The file will then be saved locally to your machine (usually in your Downloads folder). This file can then be transferred to the new school via collect/S2S.

View Leaver Information

To view Leaver Information from the left hand menu choose Students to open the Student List Page.

Student List Page Pathway

From the Student List Page click on Search Filters

Search Filters

From the opened Search Filters page change the Status drop down to Leaver and click Close to Close the Search Filters.

Status = Leaver

From then Click on the required student(s) and Click View.

View Leaver Information
Updated on January 7, 2022

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  1. Do you have to manually put end dates onto their lessons as our leavers are still shown in classes.

    1. Hi Tara

      If the Process Leavers steps are correctly taken, Students will not appear in any Groups. They will be given an End Date and all Group Associations will end on that date too.

      If you have examples of this happening and still need some assistance, please contact our Support Team.

      Kind regards,
      Bromcom Training

  2. How do you add the destination school if it isn’t there?

    1. Hi Sandra
      Thank you for your comments, I have updated the guide.
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

  3. I’ve followed all the steps to process the leaver. Will the file now automatically be sent to the destination school?

    1. Hi Claire
      Thank you for your comments.
      The CTF will be present in your downloads folder to then upload to collect/S2S.
      I have updated the guide.
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

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