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How to Process a Refund

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Go to Modules > Finance > Accounts Receivable > Refunds.

Click on the Add button.

Select the Customer, complete the Reason for Refund, Refund Amount and select an option from the Refund Method dropdown:

  • BACS – require Bank details and Refund Amount (£). It will be possible to generate a BACS file that can be uploaded to the Bank, this will use the same BACS file format that is defined in the Bank Accounts page. This process will work in the same way as Accounts Payable BACS Payment Processing.
  • Cash – requires Refund Amount (£) only.
  • Cheque – requires require Bank details, Cheque Books, Cheque Number, and Refund Amount (£).

Click on the Refund button.

A partial refund will be indicated with an orange colour.

Image #3

A full refund will be indicated with a green colour.

Image #4

As the system is currently configured, you cannot make a Refund unless the account is in Credit.

(The idea being that any Credit would be offset against future invoices). This is being reviewed.

Updated on July 4, 2024

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