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How to Promote Year Groups

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Curriculum staff can use this guide as part of the End of Year Process.

See End of Year Guidance 2021 and How to Assign Students to Year Groups.

Before we do any form of Promotion for the Year Groups, we need to ensure that each Year Group has a Next Year Group linked to it. This can be done by going to Groups>Group Type>Year Group>select your Year Groups>View.

Groups>Group Type>Year Group>View

Once you have pressed view, look in the Additional Group Details section and make sure that Next Year Group has the correct Year Group selected.

Year 7 = Next Year Group 8
Year 8 = Next Year Group 9

Once these are all correctly set, from the left menu choose Config>Curriculum>Year Group Promotion.

Year Group Promotion

The Year Group Promotion page will then be displayed.

Year Group Promotion

The Default Academic year to Promote from is the current Academic year or the last Academic year if you are doing this task in September.

There are two options on the following dropdown menu:

  • Add to any existing Memberships preserves any Memberships that may have been added to next year’s Year Groups already via another method, for example a new student added to the system manually who is joining at the start of September.
  • Overwrite all existing memberships can be used if you make a mistake and need to clear or overwrite any Year Group Memberships that have been assigned in the new Academic Year already or for the wrong dates.

If you wish, you can also tick to;

  • Create Bands matching those in the Current Academic Year, including Memberships.
  • Include Staff memberships e.g. Head of Years, where Head of Years are moving up with the Year Group.

Please note that if not selected, their active association with the Year Group will end at the end of the current Academic Year and you would need to assign these again in the new Academic Year.

Finally, the Active On selector allows you to pick the date from which the Year Group memberships will be taken and promoted from.

In this example, it will take all students that are in Year Groups Active On 18/05/2021 and Promote them up to the next Year Group in the new Academic Year 2021/22.

Clicking on the OK button will Promote ALL of your Year Groups and complete the process.

Updated on June 16, 2023

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