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How to register a Student as Dual Registered

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Use this guide to support you in updating a Students enrolment status to Dual Registered.


  • The Student needs to be added to the system -click here for guidance.
  • When adding a new Student you can select Dual Registration on their enrolment status box.

Dual Registered Student

Students>Select the Student you wish to update>View

The Student Profile Page will open.

Select Enrolment on the left menu.

Under School and Enrolment History you will see their Registration. Click + in the righthand corner of the box to edit.

To edit and add detail to the Current Registration click on the Pencil.

In this box you are able to add the name of the Other School they are registered at. Start typing the name of the school in the box and a drop down list will appear for you to select from.

Click save and this will update the record.

Click on School.

Using the pencil next to the school name you can click on it to edit details.

The following box opens and you can update Date of Entry in here for the other school and update other information if needed.

Click Save and that is Dual Registration completed.

Updated on December 8, 2021

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