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How to use Budget Allocation

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Budgets are held at a Cost Centre/Ledger Code combination.

Budgets should normally be entered prior to the new financial year starting after approval by the Governing Body/Trustees

To enter a Budget allocate the Budget to the fund first. Go to Budgeting and select the Fund Allocation option.

Press the green Increase Allocation button.

Add the Net Surplus or Deficit Amount to the correct fund, this is the Control total. Once you’ve added all Income and Expenditure to the correct Cost Centres and Ledger Codes, they should net out to this figure.

Go into Cost Centre Allocation in the Budgeting section of the menu.

Select the Cost Centre that you want to change.

Highlight it and then double click to get down to the Ledger Code detail.

You can see the detail in this screenshot – Day Trips budget of £3000 is made up of £2000  allocated to Educational Visits and £1000 allocated to Curriculum Transport.  If no Budget figures had been entered all the figures would be zero.

To change the £2000 to £2500 double-click again, to get the following box

This is showing the allocation of the total Annual Budget by month. You can then manually adjust the monthly totals (e.g. adding the extra to the existing profile model in use) or use the profile tools.  

Adjust the amount to be allocated and press Save.

You should get a pop-up message to say that the Budget has been increased and you should see the revised amount in the pink or green line (depending on whether it is income or expenditure). In this example the Total Expenditure on the pink line has gone from £3000 to £3500. This will be reflected in the reports listed below.


Once all the Budgets have been entered you should check that everything has been entered correctly. This can be done on screen (or by reports). To check on screen just check the Total Budgets by selecting all Cost Centres. This will show Total Income and Expenditure.

Once you are satisfied that the Budget figures are correct and are the approved amounts, you can fix the Budget. This then baselines the Budget for the year. The fixed Budget appears in some reports – alongside Current Budget – which is the revised Budget as you go through the financial year.


To see Budgets by Cost Centre and Ledger Code, run the Cost Centre Linked Ledgers Budget Report. This will look like the following:

Updated on September 10, 2020

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