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How to use Quick Icons on Student Record

Access: To access the Quick Icons on a Student Record, you will need the following minimum permissions from within the Framework Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

In this guide we are going to dive into Quick Icons, explaining what they are and how to use/identify them on the Student Record page.

Quick Icons are visible at the top of a Student’s Record. They come in many shapes and colours, representing a range of data for example Court Order or Pupil Premium.

Quick Icons can also be User Defined Flags which a school creates itself defining the icon and icon colour. For example in the image below a school has designed a User Defined Flag as a Green Flag denoting FSM. See How to Create User Defined Flags

Court Order

The No Access Icon shows when a Contact of this Student has a Contact who has a Court Order against them.

Hovering on the icon will show the name and relationship of this person.

Medical Condition

The Medical Condition icon shows automatically when the student has Medical Conditions in their Student Profile

Hovering on the icon will show the Medical Conditions they have.

Emergency Report

Clicking on the Emergency Report icon automatically opens the Emergency Details Report, which can then be Printed or Exported if required. This can be used in the example a Student has fell and needs to go to hospital.

Green Mortarboard

Clicking on the Green Mortarboard icon will allow the School to access the Student Portal for the selected Student, this is similar to the MyChildAtSchool access.

See How to Create Student Portal User Accounts

Note: If the Student has a Student Portal account the icon will display green, if not it will display black.

Pressing the Mortarboard will take you straight through to the Student Portal Account for this particular Student.

User Defined Flags

User Defined Flag icons will appear when a Flag that belongs to a specific Group or Data Field is assigned to the Student. In the example below a Green Flag has been created for all the Students who are Pupil Premium

See: How To Create User Defined Flags


Within the Documents Section of the Student Profile, the Important Document Flag shows the document that have been flagged as important.

A Flag will also be visible when you first arrive on the Student’s Record to show that they have an Important Document.

Hover over the Red Flag and it will state that the Student has Important Documents.

Important Document Flag

Sticky Notes

To Add A Sticky Note to a Student which will be visible both on the Student Profile and any Registers, go to the Student Profile click the + in the Active Notes section.

Student Profile

Click Sticky Note.

Add a Note

Complete as required and make sure to select the correct expiry date (you may want to make a note of it as not everyone will have access to see it or somebody else may change it).

Add a Sticky Note

This is now visible on the Student Profile page.

Visible Note

Click Save.

View from any Register. Click on the Sticky Note item to see the detail.

General Note/Private Notes

A general or private note is visible on the Student Profile Page only and will remain visible until it is deleted. The notes can also be amended by clicking the pencil icon.

General Note or Private : type into Note and Save.

General Note
Amend a Note

You can configure the system so Private Notes show as a pop up, this could be used in the example you want to ensure anyone who accessing the Student Profile will automatically get a pop up with the Private Note.

Go to Config>Administration>Administration Defaults and tick Show Private Notes as a Warning Pop Up. Click Save

Tick Private Notes

Updated on March 1, 2023

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