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How to use the Forms page

In this guide, we are going to show you how to use Forms within the Options Module. The Form serves as a reminder/prompt that you can send to Pupils who have not yet submitted their Options.

Access: The minimum permission required to access Forms is found in the Options Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Pre-requisites: You must already have an Options Setup in place which is published and had Forms ticked as one of the choices.

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To begin, got to Modules>Options>Forms.

You should now see any active Options Setup(s) which had Forms ticked as an option during it’s creation.

Use the pencil icon to open the Form.

You will now see all of the Pupils that were originally added into the Options Setup.

You will also have a Customize Form and Send Form/Reminder button, press Customize Form.

This allows you to add personalised text to the Form before you send it to Pupils.

Press Save to store the text.

This will take you back to the list of Pupils.

Using the tick boxes on the left of the table, select which Pupils you want to send the Form to and then press Send/Form Reminder.

Crucial: You will not be able to press Send Form/Reminder until the Options Setup is live/open to Pupils. So if the Options are open from 01/02/23 – 28/02/23, you will not be able to send a Form/Reminder outside of these dates.

This will create a custom Reminder for each Pupil selected, containing a unique link which they can open to submit their Options.

Note: The Form/Reminder and the links within work dynamically, meaning each Pupil receive one that is unique to them based on their Bromcom data.

To send the Form/Reminder, press Send.

Now that the Form/Reminder has been sent, the Pupils can use it to submit their Options.

If you wish to preview the Form and ensure the Options offered are correct, press the hyperlink button on the Forms page.

The Form can now be viewed or even completed for the Pupil if needed.

To complete the Form, Pupil’s need to tick their desired Subjects in accordance with the Rules in place (Choose 1 item from each group etc).

Once all Subjects have been selected and the Rules have been met, the Pupil can press Submit to confirm their choices.

Note: The Form shown below has so Submit button due to the dates, new screenshot will be provided soon.

Alternatively, a Pupil can press Edit if they wish to review or change one of their Options. This will take them back to the Subject Group they press Edit on, they can now make changes as they work through the Form again.

Updated on February 1, 2023

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