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How to view sent Emails and SMS Messages

Note: All pages shown below are subject to having relevant Roles & Permissions.

Use this guide to view the status and information on Emails/SMS messages that have been sent from your MIS and create a Quick Report to search Emails.

Pre-requisites: Before you start sending or looking for sent Emails/SMS messages, it is important to make sure that you to Config>Communication>Configurations and check that you have the Send SMS from and School Emails fields populated.

These options, along with your SMTP Settings, will determine if you can send Emails/SMS messages and where they will come from.

See also: How to Send an SMS Message or Email, How to set up SMTP and SMTP Status and Delivery Settings.

Viewing sent Emails/SMS messages

To begin, go to Modules>Communication>Overview.


Once the page loads, you will be able to see SMS Credits, as well as Emails and SMS messages sent today.

The Date Selector will always display the current date, you can change it to a past date if required and it will change the data that loads below.

In the example below, you can see a failed message.

Communication Overview

Click on any of the headers within SMS Today or Emails & Watchlist for example, to filter the Information panel at the bottom of the page.

You can then use the Grid Actions to Copy, Export or Print the Information in the Information panel.

How to create a Quick Report to search Emails

See also: How to Create a Quick Report

From the home page go to Reports>Adhoc>Quick Reports.

Quick Reports

In the top domain which is set to Students (Basic), search for scroll down to find Email messages.

Choose Domain

On the left hand data items in this example we have added all the data items by selecting them and clicking the add selected items to report icon.

Then click on the Students arrow in bold, then scroll down to Personal Information and in this example we have added Preferred Full Name.

Click Apply.

Choose required Student fields

Then use the top right Search in Report to search for a specific email, for example type in London to see all the emails with the word London or Search for a Student Name.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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