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IP address changes

This guide explains the key change happening on 30th November 2021, who will be affected, and what actions you need to take.

Summary of change and action required

As part of enhancements to our infrastructure, on Tuesday 30th November at 11pm the IP address for Bromcom’s cloud hosted solution (https://cloudmis.bromcom.com) will be changing.

The majority of customers won’t be affected, but for those who have configured their IT access rules to include the Bromcom IP address (for example, firewalls), you will need to update these configurations to include the new address, before 30th November.

New IP address (after 30th November 2021):


Current IP addresses (please do not remove these from your access rules yet).

  • – (This IP Address will still be available to use)

Further Details

Who will be affected?

Any school (or group of schools) who have implemented special access rules for Bromcom Cloud MIS that include the old IP addresses above – for example, in their firewall or proxy server – may be affected by this change, and the performance of the application may suffer for some users.

What action do I need to take?

If you have specified the current IP address in any IT filtering rules then you will need to update these rules to include the new IP address.

Do not remove the old IP addresses from your filtering rules. We recommend keeping this in place for a minimum of two months after the change has occurred. These will not be fully retired for up to three months.

When do I need to make this change?

Modify your access rules before 30th November 2021.

You can do this now – do not wait until 30th November.

I am not sure if I will be affected. How can I find out?

If you are unsure if you will be affected, then you should forward this article on to whoever manages your IT.

Why is Bromcom making this change?

We are constantly making changes to improve how the application performs and our security. This is one part of this continuous improvement programme.

Updated on January 30, 2023

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