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  1. Hi
    This comment is not in relation to this item but it was the only place I can add it. I cannot find any content relating to Modules > Analysis other than this guide. It would be great to get some documentation on using Attendance, Behaviour and Student Context analysis templates which our schools do find useful. Power BI viewer also looks intriguing but I can’t find out what it does.
    Thank you

  2. Hi I .am having the same struggle cant even find a help to set up guide.Any help would be greatly received

    1. Hi all, we have some guides on analysis due for Feb 2021. These will cover assessment, behaviour and attendance in the first instance. At the moment, the analysis module is covered in the various training sessions (eg. in assessment training, they train you how to use analysis for assessment).

      The power BI app has been removed for single schools for now, as schools tended to use our analysis dashboards/reports/quick reports over the app.

      In the meantime please do contact the helpdesk if you have a specific query about the analysis module.

      Hope that helps!

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