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MCAS Parent App Changes

June 2024: The MCAS Parent App has been updated with a New User Interface (UI) that will provide parents with an improved user experience.

Please note that we are implementing a gradual release of the New UI and rolling it out incrementally to our users.

Note: Parents will need to update to the latest version of the app unless they have auto-updates enabled for all apps on their phone settings.

The MCAS Parent App has a new look and feel, and users will only see a few minor updates to the functionality.

This article will take you through:

  • What’s New
  • Further Guidance
  • Coming Soon

What’s New

  • The Parent App has a new central dashboard My Child which replaces the side menu.
  • Parents will now Add Dinner Money in the Dinner module.    
  • A new Teacher module has been added where, if enabled by the school, parents will be able to message teachers.
  • Parents can now filter transactions by payment method.
  • Parents will be able to save addresses to payment cards. The address will be saved to the local device and not the MIS.
  • Parents will delete payment cards in the new Settings screen; they will no longer be able to delete payment cards from the Basket.
  • Basket in the banner on the old UI has moved to the individual modules where online payments can be made e.g., Store, Clubs, Trips, Wraparound Care and Dinner.
  • Accounts and Profile in the banner on the old UI have moved to the new Settings screen.

Further Guidance

For detailed guidance on using the new App see MCAS App – New UI

Coming Soon

The following functionality is not available for this release of the new UI but will be coming soon in a future release:

  • The ability to preview pdf files in the Important Documents and Reports modules.
    • Please download the files and view them until the feature is released.
  • The ability to amend Quick Checkout amounts for Wraparound Care.
    • Quick Checkout for Wraparound Care will work without the option to amend amounts until the feature is released.
Updated on July 2, 2024

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