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Bromcom Basics for MIS Managers – Secondary

This page contains a full Recording of a Bromcom Webinar covering Bromcom Basics for MIS Managers – Secondary.

All of the areas covered in the Webinar are detailed and can be found via the Agenda, which you can download below.

Areas CoveredStart Time
Dashboard and Profile4:33
Global Search6:52
My Account16:28
Sending Alerts32:50
Help Centre40:02
System Administration and Security
Adding/Editing Roles and Permissions1:17:16
Adding/Editing System Users1:29:31
Third Party Permissions1:36:14
Allocating Roles1:39:56
Security Settings1:44:23
System Administration – Maintenance
SMTP System Settings1:49:47
Username and Formats1:52:24
School Details and Settings
School Core Details1:55:33
School Characteristics1:58:40
Administration Defaults2:02:12
Administration Settings2:05:55
Lookup Tables2:12:07
Reporting Groups
Creation of Report Groups2:23:15
Assigning Staff2:27:36
Filter Conditions2:28:24
Typical Users2:31:03
System Administration – Reports
Online Repository2:37:05
Scheduling Reports2:43:28
My Scheduled Reports2:47:50
Creating User Defined Reports2:49:53
MIS Managers
Updated on November 23, 2021

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