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In this article, we are going to list some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Primary Tracker module within Bromcom.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access Primary Assessment is found in the Assessment Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.


See here for guidance on setting up Primary Tracker and Analysis of Primary Tracker

Q. Can we unlock a Formative Assessment sheet once it has been locked?

Marksheet Locked

A. The padlock is set in the Formative Assessment Set Up Wizard so it can be ‘unlocked’ in there, not in the Assessment sheet itself. To unlock the Assessment Sheet Go to Config>Assessment>Formative Assessment>Edit Terms

The padlock locks the data entered after entry so it cannot be overwritten or changed. A Term can also be locked before data entry so data cannot be entered into the wrong Term

In the example below all Terms are open for R – Reception

Formative Assessment Set Up

In this example Only ‘Spring End of Term‘ in open

Locked Terms

Q. How are the formative grades in the summative sheets calculated?

They are calculated by looking at Formative grades inputted in the Formative Assessment sheets and gives an average point score. You can configure this in the Summative Assessment Wizard – Edit Thresholds. The point score for the Formative Grades is also set in the Formative Assessment Wizard in Code/Grade Set Up

Tick to enable average formative score calculation and column

So in the example with the following example formative grade set a Student has 10 grades all marked as EXS in the Formative Assessment sheet then the average would be 2

Example Formative Grade Set

Q What does the average formative grade mean/represent?

A. It’s the average point score for the Formative Grades inputted in the formative assessment sheet. The point score is defined in the Formative Assessment Wizard>Code/Grade Set Up

Q. How can teachers use the ‘average formative grade’ to determine the summative grades for each half term?

A. If they look at the grade set for Formative Assessment then they can make a decision on what Summative grade they need to enter.

Q. How can Bromcom automatically calculate the summative grades? What is required in each cell on the excel sheet in order to allow the automatic calculation function to work?

A. This feature is designed so schools can define how much coverage( i.e. a percentage)  of the curriculum in Formative Assessment is needed to achieve a summative grade ( the summative grades are defined in the summative wizard)

In the example below for Year 1 20% coverage in formative assessments will give a summative grade of BXS

SubjectYear GroupBXSEXSGDS

Q. Is there a specific Primary Assessment contact we can use who is available to help specifically with queries? 

A There isn’t a specific contact for Primary Assessment however, you can contact Bromcom Support who will assist you with your queries. Another alternative is to look at the Community in relation to Assessment.

Updated on March 11, 2024

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