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School Census Spring 2021 – Checking Attendance

The Spring 2021 Census looks back at the attendance recorded during the 2020 Autumn Term. Please ensure that any and all Attendance Registration is complete for that period.

Census administrators can use this guide to reconcile Census attendance data using the Missing Marks for AM or PM Report and Attendance Report by Code/Meaning.

See also How to Amend Student/Class/Group Attendance and How to Access Attendance Reports.

Report on Missing Marks for AM or PM

When creating and validating a census return Census administrators are prompted when viewing errors if there are any missing AM/PM attendance marks for the selected census collection.

These missing marks can be viewed by running the Missing AM or PM Marks report.

Go to Module > Reports > Attendance Analysis Exports

From the Export dropdown select Missing AM or PM Marks from the Registration Diagnostics heading.

Choose the file format from either CSV or HTML. Select the relevant Day Start and Day End.

Click Export and the selected report will now be visible in Export File History.

Click on Missing AM or PM Marks to open the report locally.

Example of Report Output to show Missing AM or PM Marks:

Register DateSessionTutor GroupStudentAdmission NoDate of BirthTeacher
01/09/2020AM13BHeywood, VictoriaS0086A17/10/2002SLT – S.Lewin
01/09/2020PM13BHeywood, VictoriaS0086A17/10/2002SLT – S.Lewin
02/09/2020AM13BHeywood, VictoriaS0086A17/10/2002SLT – S.Lewin
02/09/2020PM13BHeywood, VictoriaS0086A17/10/2002SLT – S.Lewin
07/09/2020AM10ADarbar, JamesS0199A20/09/2005SD – S.Duffy
07/09/2020PM10ADarbar, JamesS0199A20/09/2005SD – S.Duffy
08/09/2020AM10ADarbar, JamesS0199A20/09/2005SD – S.Duffy
08/09/2020PM10ADarbar, JamesS0199A20/09/2005SD – S.Duffy
09/09/2020AM10ADarbar, JamesS0199A20/09/2005SD – S.Duffy

This information can now be used to locate and amend any missing AM or PM attendance marks.

Report by Attendance Code

Attendance Officers can use the Attendance Report by Code/Meaning Report to report on selected attendance code(s) or attendance meanings within an academic date range.

This report can be used in conjunction with Tables 13 and/or14 within the Census Summary Report to reconcile attendance information. You could use it to show all Students with Unauthorised Absence for a selected date range; select detailed breakdown/display attendance mark to see the mark and the date the mark was entered; and which class it was entered against, plus contact name and telephone information if required.

This information can then be used to amend any attendance and reconcile with the Tables in the Census Summary Report.

Note: the Attendance Report by Code/Meaning report only allows academic dates to be inputted as a date range i.e. dates where the students were in attendance, and not inset days or holidays.

From Reports > Attendance > Attendance Report by Code/Meaning within Attendance Code Analysis.

Complete the relevant information:

  • Group Name: Type the required name in to report on a single group or click Find to open the Group Selector and select the Group you are checking e.g Tutor Group, Year Group.
  • Day Start /Day End: Either type in the date or use the calendar icon to select the require date range to report on, noting only Academic Days will be reported on.
  • Report By radio buttons: Click to choose a single Code to report on (you can Ctrl and click to select more than one code) OR choose to report by Meaning.
  • Include: Data type – choose to report on the selected code/s or meaning for either All attendance to cover AM/PM and class attendance , AM/PM only or class attendance only.

Then select the Tickboxes.

  • Limit results to selected group(s): Choose this option if for example you are reporting on N codes within a date range for a tutor group (1OA) and only want to see students with N codes. If not selected and 10A is chosen as a group the report will produce a list of students in 10A with an N code for All to include AM/PM and classes, AM/PM only or classes only.
  • Show Year Group: Choose this to see the students Year Group in the report
  • Sort By: if required select to sort the report by either Name, Tutor, Date or Period.
  • Detailed Breakdown: If selected the report will show a row for each student/date where the selected code/meaning appears (image 1 below). If unselected, the report will show a single row for the student with total number of periods showing the selected code against classes affected.
  • Display Attendance Mark: Choose this option to see the attendance mark in the report, this should be selected along with Detailed Breakdown.
Image 1
Image 2
  • Page Break by Tutor Group: Choose this option to Page Break by Tutor Group if required. If Page Breakdown is not selected the output is the same however, the student information is not on a separate table within the report.
  • Display Contact: This becomes selectable when Detailed Breakdown is selected, to show Contact Name and Tel Number in the report. In turn if Display Contact is selected Page Breakdown becomes visible, this produces the report with a separate table per student showing contact information and attendance mark if Display Attendance Mark is selected.
Updated on December 15, 2020

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