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Spring Census Return

Please see below email sent to customers on 16/02/2020, instructing you to re-run and re-submit your Census to the DfE.

Bromcom Customer Bulletin

Spring census return  

Dear Customer

A situation has been brought to our attention relating to the Spring Census 2021 return, where the attendance for the morning (/) and afternoon (\) present codes were being counted together under the morning (/) attendance code only. 

The total number of present marks being returned in the census is correct, however the split of attendance marks between the morning and afternoon sessions is incorrect. The PM marks were being shown as AM marks. 

We have applied an update to the Cloud on the evening of the 16th of February and local MIS installation on Wednesday 17th. Following this you will be required to re-run the census and authorise the file before resubmitting. You can access the census guides here.

Please make sure you remember to use the ‘Reset To Last Census’ option on the census page, so you do not have to re-populate information. Also, you can have more than one validated census, so don’t worry. 
We have been in contact with the DfE and they are aware Bromcom schools will be re-submitting the Spring Census. 

We would like to apologies for the inconvenience caused. If you require any support please contact your Bromcom support team.  

Best wishes,

Bromcom Customer Care Team

Updated on February 18, 2021

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