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Summer 2021 Admissions Guidance

This page contains Bromcom guidance for Admissions.

Finalising Admissions

Please see guidance here.

Managing Admissions Webinar

Recording of the session showing how Admissions are managed on Bromcom.

Managing Admissions – for Finalising Admissions, please skip to 59:00.

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Updated on August 26, 2021

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  1. Hi Training
    Please could we have an item on finalise admissions. It’s not that easy to understand the sequence of events that you have to go through

    1. Hi Lisa, I found “Finalise Admissions” in the recording. It starts at 59’10” of YouTube or 10:29 of the computer clock. It is very short, like 2 minutes.

      1. Hi Lisa/Andrea

        Thank you for pointing out where Finalise Admissions is in the Webinar Recording. We will look into producing a designated guide for this in the future for easier reference.

        Kind regards,

        1. Hi Mehmet,
          Just so you know, when I did it this time Bromcom added some random admission numbers that didn’t match our settings (adding new students is fine, settings work, but finalise admissions didn’t). I spent 2h+ fixing them manually, which was very annoying.

  2. We’ve recently moved from SIMS to Bromcom. Our pre-admissions groups and pupils have transferred over but I don’t have any pre-admission numbers, they’re blank. How do I rectify this please?

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