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Bromcom Basics – Primary

This page contains a full Recording of a Bromcom Webinar covering Bromcom Basics – Primary.

All of the areas covered in the Webinar are detailed and can be found via the Agenda, which you can download below.

Area CoveredStart Time
System Navigation 5:00
Collapsed/Expanded view
Toolbar Navigation
User Tools 11:50
My Account
My Reports and Documents
Documentation Centre
Global Search Tool
Notification and System Message
Roles and Permissions50:34
Adding/Editing Roles and Permissions
Third Party Permissions
Adding/Editing System Users
Login Details
Allocating Roles
Admission Basics1:20:05
Admission Settings
Admission Defaults
Look up Staff and Student1:22:13
Using the Search Window
Using the Staff Details Page
Using the Student Details Page
Viewing/Accessing a Student Record1:22:55
Accessing a Student Record
Viewing a Student Record
Contacts & Communication Log
Key Data
Amending Attendance1:59:33
Using Amend Daily Attendance
Using Amend Class/Group Attendance
Student Reports
Emergency Information
Photo Report
Data Check
Parent/Guardian Labels
Repository Quick Reports
Importing from the Repository
Running a Report
Editing a Report
Attendance Analysis2:25:21
Creating a New Template
Using Breakdown By and other Filters
Student Breakdown Analysis2:27:16
Student Breakdown for Whole School
System Basics
Updated on August 2, 2022

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