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The Staff Profile Page

The Old Staff Profile Page, Old Student Profile Page and Old Groups Pages will be removed on 16th July 2021 as part of our work to improve the Bromcom user interface (for background see Removal of Bromcom’s Old User Interface.)

This guide focusses on the Staff Profile. You can use this guide to:

  • View a Staff Profile
  • See the differences between the Old Staff Profile and the New Staff Profile
  • Find Staff information in the New/Old Staff Profile

View a Staff Profile

To View an Individual Member of Staffs Profile Page, EITHER type the Staff Name into the Global Search Tool at the top of the screen then click on the Staff name you require from the drop down list.

Global Search Tool

OR from the Home Screen select Staff from the left hand menu to access the Staff List Page.

Select Staff
Select a Member of Staff

Click on a Staff Name and Click View.

Note: you can select more than one member of staff with the option to Click Next in the Staff Profile Page to see the next record.

See the differences between the Old Staff Profile and the New Staff Profile

In the Old User Interface the Old Staff Profile Page will look similar to this dependant on your role and permissions.

Old Staff Profile Page

In the New User Interface the New Staff Profile Page will look similar this dependant on your role and permissions.

New Staff Profile Page

When first viewing the New Staff Profile you will see the Profile Tab highlighted on the left hand menu.

Profile Tab

Dependant on your roles and permissions the following 9 Tabs will be visible on the left hand side.

Staff Profile Tabs

Find Staff Information in the Staff Profile

From any page in the Staff Profile click to the right of the Staff Name to Edit Staff Details.

Edit Staff Details

In this page you can view/edit the following Basic Details:

Name Details:

Name Details

Additional Information:

Additional Information

Employee Details:

Employee Details

Previous Names:

Previous Names

To Edit the Staff Phone, Email or Address click next to the Staff Telephone number or Email Address from any screen in the Staff Profile Page.

Edit Contact Details

Some items, for example Timetable can be accessed from more than one area in the New Staff Profile.

Note: User Defined Fields can also be added to certain areas within the Staff Profile see How to Add User Defined Fields.

Background Checks

Double Click on Qualification Checks and then under Professional Details you will see Teacher Number (URN)

Teacher Number – URN
Updated on May 5, 2022

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