Behaviour Managers



3 Hours


You don’t need to prepare anything ahead of the session but to get the most from it and dependant on your role it should be taken after either the Office Managers or Bromcom Basics for MIS Managers training courses.

If you are required to produce any Reports in your role then this training course should be taken before the Reporting training course.

Ahead of this training you should first install the Pathways software.

Please see: How to Install Pathways

If you wish to follow along during the webinar on your own system, please work with your system administrator to ensure you have the correct roles and permissions to access all the items covered. Bromcom has created ready-made roles which broadly match the roles in a school – for example an Office Manager role – but these may have been customised. Your system administrator will be able to help you identify which role and permissions you need.

Target Audience

The Behaviour Managers training is recommended for delivery to the following people from your school.

• Your Behaviour Management team
• Behaviour System Administrator/Report Producer
• Data Manager

Check you can access the training

Our training is carried out using a product called Go To Webinar.

To test that you can access the software please click on the link below.

Test Session

You will automatically be launched into a test session.

The full system requirements for GoToWebinar can be found here.

Ready to Book?

This training is delivered as a 1-2-1 session.