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Webinar Recordings

This page contains recent webinar recordings.

Census Overview Webinars

Summer 2021 Census Overview – Primary Schools

Summer 2021 Census Overview – Secondary Schools

Core Module Training

System Basics – Primary

Office Managers – Primary

Dinner Managers – Primary

MIS Managers – Secondary

Office Managers – Secondary

Attendance – Secondary

Curriculum Managers – Secondary

Cover Managers – Secondary

Reporting – Primary and Secondary

Staff Management – Primary and Secondary

Additional Module Training Webinars

My Child At School (MCAS) – Primary and Secondary

Online Payments – Primary and Secondary

Primary Assessment – Primary

Diary – Primary and Secondary

Student Portal – Primary and Secondary

Safeguarding – Primary and Secondary

Exams – Secondary

Finance Webinars

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Finance Managers


Finance Year End webinar

Bitesize Training – Specific Processes

Bitesize Training (30 minutes) – Staff Management

Bitesize Training (30 minutes) – Detention scheduling

Bitesize Training (30 minutes) – Webmerge Reporting for Assessment

Bitesize Training (30 minutes) – Quick Reports

Bitesize Training (30 minutes) – How To Setup and Manage a Running Balance Club

Bitesize Training (30 minutes) – How To Setup a Parents Evening

Bitesize Training (30 minutes) – How to Apply a Timetable Model

Bitesize Training (30 minutes) – How to Amend a Period Structure in Bromcom

Other Training Webinars

Teacher Training – Secondary Schools

Teacher Training – Primary Schools

Managing Admissions in Bromcom

School Performance Dashboards

Quick Reports

Office 365 Integration Webinar

Exams – Reporting/Results

End of Year Training Webinars

End Of Year 2021 – Primary Schools

End Of Year 2021 – Secondary Schools