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Webinar Training Checklist

Thank you for booking your webinar training session.

To make sure the session runs as smoothly as possible please review the checklist below.

Training Agendas and suggested attendees

To make sure that you are familiar with the content of the course, and suggested attendees, please review the training agendas which can be found on the Bromcom Training website

Accessing the training software

Our training is carried out using a product called GoToTraining www.gototraining.com.

This can be installed locally or accessed via a web browser.

If you plan to access a lot of webinar training, we recommend a local install if possible.

To test that you can access the software please click on the link below and you will automatically be launched into a test session.

Test Session

The full system requirements for GoToTraining can be found here.

Accessing your Bromcom system before the training

Shared Webinars are carried out on a training system with test data so you do not need a Bromcom system to participate in this training.

However, one-to-one training sessions are usually carried out on the customer’s own system so should be done once you have a test or a live system that the trainer can access. You do not need to set up roles and permissions for the trainer in advance. 

Additional Software Installation – Timetable or Behaviour training

If you are being trained on the Timetable or Behaviour products then there is additional software that needs to be installed prior to the sesssion.  To install the software on your machine you will need adminstrator rights, otherwise the installation will fail. If you do not have these rights please speak to your IT team.

To download the software login to the MIS and go to the following location.

On the Versions page you will see a list of the installers.

For Timetable training download the following:

  • e-Timetable Installer
  • Crystal Reports

For Behaviour training download the following:

  • Behaviour Pathways Setup Installer

Select the relevant version, 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your operating system. If you are unsure check with your IT team.