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Bromcom’s zero tolerance policy

We know that there are times the software doesn’t work, or the service has not met your expectations. Both of these can be incredibly frustrating.

However, here are the main reasons we don’t tolerate threatening, abusive or hostile language and behaviour towards our staff:

  1. In the vast majority of cases, the issue that the customer is frustrated about is not the fault of the person they are dealing with. For example, a software bug or missing feature is not the fault of the support team, and it is also (mostly) not within their remit to resolve it.
  2. Our support agents and wider customer care/customer success team are trying to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  3. Resorting to abusive or threatening language or behaviour is extremely unlikely to resolve the problem. It may actually have the opposite effect of slowing down the service whilst we address the behaviour.

How do we define abusive, threatening or hostile language and behaviour?

  • insulting Bromcom staff – including implying they are not competent
  • threatening to go on social media and write negative reviews about the service if a request is not dealt with in a particular way
  • accusing staff of lying or being dishonest, without sufficient evidence
  • taking a ‘master-slave’ attitude where Bromcom works FOR you, rather than in partnership with you
  • swearing at staff.

Bromcom is fortunate enough to have a fantastic customer base, many of whom feel like family. We recognise that there are only a tiny minority of cases where we have to resort to using this policy.