Bromcom Roadmap 2024

We will be looking to add an interactive page for the Roadmap in the future, where you will be able to vote and comment on the content.

Note: This Roadmap is subject to change due to priorities and will be reviewed end of each quarter and potentially updated.

Bromcom release software updates every 3 weeks, and every update has a number of Statutory Changes by DfE as well as the top voted & common ideas that are developed and delivered if technically feasible – Development Ideas from Customers. These are not listed in this Development Roadmap. This Development Roadmap intent is to list the substantial addition of functionalities into School and MAT products. See the recent release details via:

Bromcom follows an Agile approach to product development that encourages flexibility in approach to change and new developments. As such there is a collaboration between Bromcom and its customers to validate priorities and carry out evolutionary development in our process of continual improvement. The Roadmap should be considered in that context and does not attempt to show the extent and breadth of all developments for MIS over the listed year.

Changes requested by the DfE and other official bodies, which are within the scope of Bromcom MIS, will be developed and delivered periodically according to the official published timeline.