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Bromcom Parent Payment Systems

What is Parents Payment System in Bromcom?

The Parents Payment system in Bromcom helps schools effectively manage their payments between parents and guardians using our web based parent portal – My Child at School (MCAS). This feature is also available on our Parent App that is on Android and Apple devices.

You can make payments for Clubs, Trips, Wraparound before and after-school care, Dinner Money and School Shop, with multiple settings for payments and purchases. This feature rich online secure process gives schools total control over their cashless system. Even if not fully cashless in school, MCAS processes allow a school to manage and create orders manually.

Parents can use MCAS for all their children that are within one school, they are able to easily manage all their school payments needs.

The Online Payments option includes, but is not restricted to, payments with deposits, instalments, part pay and running balances, as well as the management of a range of payment types, refunds and vouchers, including Paypoint and offline payments directly in school. Parents are kept informed of their balances and can receive reminders when payments are due or overdue. The whole online experience offers the same security as any online payment process and is complemented by in-school management tools. Added to this, MCAS transactions can be linked directly to Bromcom’s Finance module, and separate bank accounts added, if required.

Features & Benefits

FeatureWhat it doesBenefits
Online Payments through MCASSchools can offer a fully secure online payment system for a range of school-related activities: clubs, wrap-around care, trips, dinner and school shop. Manual option available within MCAS AdministrationCashless payment method reduces the risk of handling cash and has full accounting management, helping staff to manage their day to day tasks efficiently: this includes orders, payments, balances, refunds & cancellation management. Schools can also configure the system so that parents cannot run up a debt on their balances
Clubs, Trips and Wrapround Care through MCASSchools can setup any type of Club or Trip, including free, paid, running balance for pre and after school care. Individual consent permissions can be sought as requiredSchool can setup any type of activity and arrange a payment structure to fit their needs – full payment, instalments, free, running balance, including creating manual office-side orders. Refund/cancellation management available all handled as secure online transactions with full order visibility. Consent for specific activity can be sought over and above school standard consent process
School Shop through MCASSchool can offer products for purchase online, controlling who can purchase and set limits, payment options etc.School can manage uniform, & equipment sales etc.
Dinners through MCASParents can see meals ordered/taken and make payments/top up dinner money with both credit/debit balances displayed.  If implemented by the school parents can select meal choices through MCASDinner Money can be paid directly by parents and balances integrated automatically into Bromcom or maintained by the office where third party cashless catering is in place.