Google Integration

What is Google Integration?
Google Integration is a solution for schools and trusts to sync the students, staff and groups between MIS and Google G-Suite. Integration syncs daily, pulling through staff/student groups and calendars. It pulls through all the year groups and class groups etc.

Key Features

  • Provision Student and Staff Accounts – MIS has manual mapping functionality for existing accounts in G Suite – as most likely schools would be having existing accounts, but any new joiners or leavers handled automatically after initial setup
  • Option to Link Bromcom Accounts with G-Suite accounts for SSO integration
  • Create/Maintain Google Groups with Student and Staff associations, also provide MIS level configuration to for schools to decide who can see/view groups at higher level of the hierarchy (head of subjects, head of year, etc.)
  • Import student and staff photographs into G Suite for Education
  • Reflect student and staff calendars from the management system into Google Calendars
  • Automatically create and maintain your Google Classrooms directly from your management system. Ability to roll-out subset of the school (by year groups, subjects, departments or individual groups)
  • Integration with Google Drive – ability for schools to use their Google Drive to store documents produced within MIS system

Features & Benefits

FeatureWhat it DoesBenefits
User ProvisioningWhen users are entered into the MIS system, the system will create a new user in G Suite. It will also delete users from G Suite which are expired in the system.No need to manually create users in G Suite
GDPR policy in that leavers are automatically suspended from your G Suite tenancy.
User syncAutomatically syncs your existing G Suite users with the system. Also allows manual mappingThe system will attempt to match your existing G Suite users with staff and students already in the system.
Provide the ability for the MIS admin to manually match staff and students to G Suite users.
Benefit is that then, once these leavers change role/year/leave the school then the system will automatically take care of them in G Suite.
Single Sign On
Allows G Suite SSO into Bromcom
Not only will the system create/pair your MIS and G Suite users, it will also allow you to use the G Suite user account to sign into Bromcom so you don’t have to remember 2 different sets of user credentials
*Import student and staff photosAllows MIS photos of students and staff to be uploaded to their G Suite accountsThis means that any G Suite services can have a picture of the user if required, such as Google Classroom or Gmail.
Google Calendar Sync
Syncs individual user calendars or school calendars from the MIS system to G Suite.
Also syncs calendar resources.
Once calendars are populated in the MIS, staff and students don’t need to then manually populate their Google Calendar – this will be automatically populated
If school has sites/floors/rooms populated in the MIS, then these will also be used in the Google Calendar events.
If you also have user provisioning/user sync on – any invitees to your diary events will also be invited in G Suite
Google Classroom SyncAllows Google Classrooms to be created from the MISClasses in the MIS can automatically be created in Google Classroom with the teachers and students populated
When classes reach their end date in the MIS, the system will automatically disable them in Google Classroom
Google Groups Sync
Allows a variety of Google Groups to be created from the MIS
You can select which types of groups we will create – Year Group email lists, staff lists, subject groups etc.
The system will apply security settings to the group so they can be used as secure mailing lists
Automatically add and remove members so you don’t need to worry about keeping groups up to date
*Google Drive IntegrationMIS documents can be sent to Google Drive and shared appropriatelyAny documents existing in the MIS can be automatically sent to Google Drive
The system will apply appropriate sharing permissions so you don’t have to worry about sharing the documents with groups incorrectly
We can create folder structures in the cloud and use your MIS groups to permit access meaning that a school can keep its data securely and easily in the cloud!
We can help you retain and dispose of data following DfE retention guidelines so you can be GDPR compliant.

* Future Planned Developments

  • Google Drive Integration
  • Import student and staff photos