Student Portal

What is Student Portal?

Bromcom’s Student Portal is an online web portal that brings together a student’s information that can be accessed on any web-enabled device.

The Student Portal enables real-time communication between students and teachers and increases engagement with the school.

Via Bromcom Cloud MIS it is possible for teachers to send out Homework, Assessment and Quizzes with links to resources and attached worksheets. Using the Student Portal, the student has easy access to these learning resources and general school information, anytime and anywhere. A dedicated smartphone app provides the added convenience of allowing featureful access on Android and iPhones.

Features & Benefits

  • Web-based school information for the student promotes engagement and communication with school and teachers. Brings all necessary information into one place for easy access
  • Free dedicated smartphone app available on the app stores for Android phones and iPhones provides convenience and allows more students to engage
  • Fully-featured Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) functionality combines digital learning resources with online homework, assignments and assessments
  • Provides a channel for real-time reporting and gets important information to the student immediately with little administrative overhead
  • Reduces school costs by enabling more paperless activities and reduces spending on printing and photocopying
  • Increases communication by providing both a one-way and two-way channel between the school and student
  • GDPR compliant and highly secure access for the student with ISO27001 security guarantees

FeatureWhat it doesBenefits
Student Portal DashboardProvides the student a summary overview of various key areas of informationStudent has an at-a-glance view of important areas of school information
Student can configure the dashboard to make it easier for them to access information
Provides shortcuts to further information with drill-downs
My SubjectsA page of information about the subjects that the student is takingSee subject name, class, teacher, class attendance in a table view
Search within the table to find information quickly
Each subject has a space, like a web page for customisable information related to the subject
My TimetableTimetable view of the student’s lessons for the week in a gridDigital version of the student’s timetable means they always know which lesson they need to be if they have access to the Student Portal or app
Changes to the timetable are updated in real time with the portal and app
Colour coded with the defined subject colours to make the timetable more accessible
My Lesson PlansCompiles all lesson plans created by the student’s teachers into one placeLesson plans are digital worksheets that can include text, images, links and attached files making them flexible and powerful
The student has access to digital copies of teacher lesson plans reducing the need for printing and copying
My HomeworkCompiles all homework and quizzes set digitally by teachers into one place. Homework and quizzes can be submitted and feedback reviewed from here
Like a digital homework diary, it keeps students organised and aware of any homework and quizzes set
Due dates, submitted homework and late homework is presented to the student
Scores and marks are recorded digitally
The student can view historical homework and submissions
Students can reinforce their learning by taking self-marking quizzes set by teachers as a learning resource
Various question types are supported for a varied and flexible learning experience
Analyse quizzes and homework in the MIS, ensuring homework policies are met
My ResourcesA cloud storage space for the student to store electronic filesA useful repository for any electronic files that the student may need to access online or through the app
My AttendanceShows the student’s Attendance to marks for both AM/PM sessions and to their individual classes. Attendance percentage is also summarised in a chartKeeps the student aware of their attendance percentage figures and attendance marks in real time
My AssessmentShows selection of the student’s assessment marks and grades for various points in the academic yearThe student has an overview of how they are performing and can see progress in their grades and marks throughout the year
My BehaviourShows positive/negative/neutral behaviour events logged for the studentThe student is completely aware of his/her Behaviour Event log which can improve communication and discussion with school staff and parents
My ReportsShows any individual reports and letter that are published for the studentDigital versions of reports and letters reduces the need for school to print which saves resources and administration time
MessagesTwo-way electronic communication between student and teachersCommunication is stored within the Student Portal and email addresses are not required
Improves communication between student and teachers
The school can enable or disable messaging as required
Exam TimetableIf the student is involved in an exam season, a specific exam timetable is shownDigital version of the student’s timetable means they always know which lesson they need to be if they have access to the Student Portal or App
Exam ResultsShows any validated exam resultsThe student has an overview and record of how they have performed in Exams
Upcoming EventsShows an agenda view of school calendar events and gives the student the ability to add their own eventsAn electronic agenda keeps the student informed about a timeline of events
Together with the homework record removes the need for hard-copy diaries
News feedShows any general notifications or news items that the school publishes to the studentKeeps the student informed of school Announcements and News
News items can be scheduled to start and finish
BookmarksA collection of electronic bookmarks to useful websitesThe school can curate a list of useful websites and publish to the Student Portal
The student can augment the list by adding their own bookmarks to useful websites
Recent ActivitiesLists the student’s recent activities such as submission of homeworkProvides an audit trail for the student and helps remind them what tasks they have already done
Group ForumA forum for class or group discussion moderated by a member of staffProvides an online form for discussion between student peers and a member of staff
This can be enabled or disabled by the school
Link cloud storageAllows the student to upload to Student Portal directly from their OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox filesAvoids having to copy files from cloud storage to Student Portal so saves time and multiple versions of a file
Simple account creation via web interface or spreadsheet importHelps the System Administrator create accounts for students quickly and easilyQuickly create individual accounts for students as needed or bulk create student accounts periodically
Self-service log-in credentials retrieval with security questionAllows the student to regain access to their account if they forget their Username and PasswordEnsures that the student can access the Student Portal without intervention from the school
Reduces admin workload as no password resets to administer
Secure as the student must know the answer to a security question of their choosing